MK-H03 2500W Foam Machine

Plug: EU
Shipping: By sea to door
Package: Wooden box
Sale price$1,275.00



  • MK-H03 foam party machine is perfect for water parks, Kindergarten activities, foam parties, shopping mall activities, etc.

  • MK-H03 Foam Party Machine adopts a 2500w high power pump, large injection volume, covering 15-18 cubic meters per minute Instantly, forming the foaming sea immediately, foam maintains about 20-30 minutes, the clock will subside slowly.

       foam machine

Technical Parameter

  • Specifications:         
Voltage : AC110V 60/50Hz
Power: 2500W
Packing size: 109*60*116cm
Control Mode: Power control
Output volume: 20m3/min
Application:Home,Stage, Ballet theatre, Studio, Multifunctional auditoria, Show plaza, Department auditoria, Entertainment center, Disco night club, Bar, Kala OK hall, Family party etc.

How To Use

The manual will be with the machine, if the manual is missing, please leave a message on the website, we will contact you as soon as possible

  • Steps To Use:        

The machine placed in the right position. The correct power supply connected to the machine, press the switch on the left, at the RED light, the blower is started, and then start on the right side of theswitch, when the GREEN light, oil pump is started, is now a large number of foam from the machine outletemission.

  • NOTE

1) Because the oil suction pump of this machine for self suction pump, used for the first time must use tap water will be water pipe and pump tank full of water, so that the pump power can work normally.On the other hand, pumping water pump can not work normally.

2) We must first start the blower, and then start the pump.

  • The machine because of its volume is too large, handling must be careful, so as not to causedamage to the machine. The machine is in use process, can not be directly aligned with the facialspray.
  • Warranty for one year, to be used in the division supporting the professional foam oil. Otherwise, the warranty period shrinks to three months, if the replacement of parts produced by the user cost, Fang Chengdan.

3)1:20 is a harmonic proportion of foamy oil using the machine and water.


  • Due to the heavy weight of the foam machines, they are all shipped from China, usually by sea, and the shipping time is 20-60 days. Please plan your purchase time.
  • Home delivery, including customs clearance and tax;
  • If you have any questions about the shipping method, please leave a message or send an email to


  • Q: What kind of liquid it can use?

            A: It uses foam oil.


  • Q: where I can by the liquid from

            A: You can by it from us together with the machine,or other online shop, and maybe you can find it located


  • Q: How far can this foam machine spray?

            A: about 8-10m


  • Q: What are the control methods?

            A: Manual control 


  • Q: Is the machine waterproof?

            A: Yes,no need to worry about leakage of electricity due to water ingress during normal cleaning and use. but don't soak in water


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