MOKA SFX MK-F15A 2000W DMX Smoke Machine

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  • Short warm-up time, only two and a half minutes.
  • Fast smoke emission and wide coverage area, no dirty smell.
  • Large capacity: Water tank capacity is 6.5 liters and fuel tank is 3 liters.
  • Built-in overheating protection, effective protection of the machine, extended use.
  • It comes with a water tank water level line Easy to observe and to do in a timely manner to add water.

Technical Parameter  

  • Advantage:

Self-developed plastic water tank, never rust and leakage.

The completely separate hole from water discharge circuit, no circuit burn out as leakage.

With a line of the water level of the water tank, easy to see and add the water.

Suitable for Wedding dress, Exhibition booth, music shows, concerts, mobile Dj, studio, theater, ceremony, indoor and outdoor party, tv station, etc.

  • Specification:

             Voltage : 100-120V60HZ200-240V50HZ

             Power: 2000 W

             Control: DMX512

             Warm-up time: 2.5 min

             Smoke output: 70*2/3 min

             Oil tank capacity: 3L

             Water tank capacity: 6.5L

             N.W: 40 kg

             G.W: 43 kg

             Packing size: 76*39*54 cm

  • Packing List:

            1 pcs fog machine

            1 pcs controller

            1 pcs power cable

            1 pcs DMX cable

How To Use

  • Steps To Use:

            1. Place the machine on a flat surface and in a suitable large area with at least 50 cm, Open space around the machine.

            2. Fill the fluid tank with our approved fluid and clean water.

            3. Connect the machine to the suitable rated power supply. To determine the power requirement for the machine refer to the label on the machine. Always connect the machine to a protected circuit and ensure it is properly Grounded to avoid the risk of electrocution.

            4. Turn on the machine and allow it to heat up. Heat up takes approximately 136s. Once the machine has reached operating temperature, the display will show Ready Haze. Now the machine is ready for operation.

            5. To start making fog, press the VOLUME button on the control panel.


  • U.S. warehouse: 2-5 working days in the U.S., 7-12 working days in other areas.
  • Spain warehouse: 2-4 working days in Spain, 7-12 working days in other EU regions.
  • Poland warehouse: 2-4 working days in Poland, 7-12 working days in the rest of the EU.
  • China warehouse: 7-20 working days for direct shipment from China.


  • Q: Is the display English language? Do you have a certificate for your product? How about the warranty?

            A: Yes, it has the English language for setting. We all machines have passed CE ROHS FCC EU quality certificate. We guarantee our product for one year from the date of purchase.


  • Q: It can use normal fog liquid?

            A: No. If use normal fog liquid, it creates a fog that floats up. Only use water-based fog liquid or low fog liquid.


  • Q: How can I get the water-based fog liquid/low fog liquid?

            A: You can buy it locally. We have water-based fog liquid/low fog liquid, but it only ships by sea. The MOQ is 200 bottles.


  • Q: Is it possible to pump water automatically?

            A: Currently it can’t, we are improving.


  • Q: It has a water level display?

           A: Yes. Clearwater level display. You can see it on the side of the machine.


  • Q: How long can I use after filling up with water and liquid?

            A: The 10L clear water tank allows for 50 mins of continuous production at 100% without refilling.

                  The 3L fluid tank allows for 3 Hours of continuous production at 100% without refilling.


  • Q: If the machine runs out of water, it’ll stop working automatically?

            A: Yes. It has auto senses low water&low fog fluid. When the water runs out, the machine makes a “DIDIDI” sound to remind you. No need to worry about the machines running dry, the machine has sensors built-in to detect low fluid levels.


  • Q: It can be controlled by remote?

            A: Sure, full control with 2 channels of DMX, wireless remote control, and digital timer control.


  • Q: What are the single output and double output?

            A: The low fog output from a single head is more concentrated. Double heads can put the tube placed on both sides separately, and the output low fog will cover the ground faster.


  • Q: Whether it can be used indoors or outdoors?

            A: It can be used both indoors and outdoors. But we don’t recommend using it outdoors, because the wind will blow away the Low fog and affect the effect; it’s best to use it indoors, the effect is the best, but it needs to be used in the absence of wind for good effect; So we recommended to use it indoors, the effect is the best.


  • Q: Waterbase fog machine and dry ice machine which one is better?

            A: It depends on the event. If it’s a wedding, we recommended using a dry ice machine. It produces an intense burst of fog rather than a subtler diffusion, making dancing on air’ effect. And the low fog is completely sunk on the ground and will not float upwards. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

                  If it’s used in the theater, The water-based fog machine will be more appropriate, which can output continuously for about 1 hour, which is suitable for such activities that require long-term output. It’s recommended to use it indoors, and there will be wind outdoors, so low fog will float up and affect the effect.


  • Q: The smoke nozzle is free?

            A: No, the smoke nozzle is optional.


  • Q: The fog always goes up when we use it. What is the situation?

            A: (1)First, please confirm whether the correct water-base fog liquid or low fog liquid is used (the customer to provide photos)

                 (2) Whether the event site is windy or the temperature is too high to cause low fog to drift.

                 (3) Does the low fog output value of the machine exceed 30%? Below 30% only water mist is emitted.


  • Q: Do I need to clean the water after each use?

            A: Sure, if the water is stored in the tank for a long time, it will cause scale and pollute the machine.


  • Q: What is the effective range of the remote control?

            A: Effective reception distance without obstacle is about 10-20m.


  • Q: What is the coverage area of the water-based fog machine?

            A: 2000W single or double output water-based fog machine can cover 70 square meters in 3 minutes.


  • Q: What does a smoke nozzle do?

            A: Diversion through the smoke nozzle will keep the low fog more down, so the low fog will be closer to the ground and the effect will be better.


  • Q: Do you have to add 10L water to the tank?

            A: No, the max capacity is 10L. You can also pour in the amount of water according to the time of the event.


  • Q: The smoke output can be timed and quantified? What material is the water tank and will it age?

            A: Yes, you can set the parameters you need through the TIMER button on the control panel. The water tank is plastic and will not age.


  • Q: Is the operation panel waterproof? How can I make the low fog closer to the ground?

            A: Not, but the operation panel is separate from the water tank, so don’t worry about getting wet. Putting ice into the water tank will make the low fog sink to the ground. The lower the temperature, the better the effect.

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