MOKA SFX 12x3w Led Lighting Bars Light

Spec: 2 units
Prix réduit$319.00



  • Beam:12 pces 3w warm white led+ 56*0.5w (rgb).
  • Beam angle 4.5°, the angle of the base can be adjusted.
  • Control mode:dmx512, master-slave, voice control.
  • The auto effect, strobe effect, Various flow-water effects.
  • Each led can be controlled individually, protection over temperature.

Technical Parameter

  • Features

             1. Individual pixel dot controlled led.

             2. Multi flow-water effects.

             3. Over-temperature protection.

             4. Ultra brightness.

  • Specification:           

             Power: 100W

             Voltage: 90-240V

             Light source: 12*3w (warm white) + 56*0.5w (RGB)

             Light source life: 50,000 hours

             Beam angle: 4.5°

             Control mode: dmx512, master-slave, voice control, auto walk

             Channel: 13/86/75/73/5/7ch

             Product Size: 100*8*15 cm

             Net weight: 3kg

             Function: auto effect, strobe effect.

             Beam: 12 pcs 3w warm white led.

             Strobe: 156 pcs 5730 LEDs.

             Flushing: 56 pcs 5050 RGB led

             Dimming frequency: flicker-free up to 10khz dimming refreshes PWM frequency, flicker-free camera shot. 0-100 linear reducer, high power led and low power consumption.

  • Package Includes:

              1pc led wall washer light

              1pc pc Manual

              1pc power cord

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