MOKA SFX MK-F13 3500W Low Lying Dry Ice Fog Machine

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Warehouse: China Warehouse
Plug: US
Style: with hose and outlet
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  • MOKA SFX Dry ice fog machine is one of our best-selling products, stocked in North America and Europe, and its stable performance is recognized by customers.
  • Equipped with a mobile trolley, it is more convenient to move
  • The gas is odorless, and non-toxic.
  • 10 Liters or 2.5 gallons Large Tank Capacity.
  • High power smoke dispenser with 15-18 minutes heating time.
  • A dry ice machine can produce maximum coverage of 100m² white mist.
  • Low water and temperature sensors automatically shut off heaters for added safety. Plug and play are easy to operate.

    Technical Parameter

    • Specification:

               Voltage: ac110v/220v, 60hz/50hz

               Power: 220v 3500w/110v 2000w 

               Normal heating time: 15min 

               Electronic temperature control: 70-80 

               Control model: Manual

                Max. continuous output: 3-5mins

                Maximum output coverage: 50-100 square meters

                Materials: Dry ice and water

               Control mode: by manual

                Water consumption: 10l (up to waterline)

                Electron temperature control: 70--80℃

                Gross weight: 12kg

                Packing way: carton box with foam inside

                Certification: CE/RoHS/FCC

                Guarantee time from product: 1 year

                 Machine size: 42x36x40cm

                 Packing size: 49*49*47cm

    • Packing List :

                1pc dry ice fog machine

                1pc User Manual

                1pc 4m hose 

                2 pc metal circle clamp for hose 

                1pc smoke outlet

                1pc trolley with wheel 

    How To Use

    The manual will be with the machine, if the manual is missing, please leave a message on the website, we will contact you as soon as possible

    • Installation: 

                1. Place the machine on a firm level surface where it will be used. Take off the lid and fill with water (hot or cold) with about 10liters, the water line is subject to the steel plate’s scale mark of the inner side machine until the red light comes on, which means the machine is heating up. 

                2. Plug the cord into a grounded 22-amp receptacle. A ground fault interrupter receptacle would be preferred. The heater draws 11 amps at 220Volts.

                3. While the machine is heating up, the heating time of a single electrical heated tube 3000W is 15 minutes. Raise the basket to its highest level with the black handle on the side of the machine and lock it at the highest stop.

                4. When the water is steaming after approximately 20-35 minutes the machine is now ready to use.

                5. Using a protective gear load, the basket can hold 10 kilograms (about 20lbs)of dry ice. The basket size has been designed to give on large “show” from each bag or block of dry – ice if filled to approximately 1-1 from the basked rim. It can hold 3kgs dry ice at most each time. The loading of the dry ice should be done at the last possible moment when needed because the steamy atmosphere in the machine will make the dry ice evaporate if put in too long beforehand.

                6. Remove any ice chips on the lid seal and place the lid on. Secure the lid by turning the two arms inward on the lid and pushing down on the leavers to latch.

                7. When the “fog” is required, grasp the basket lever and slowly lower the handle. A full basket should not be plunged into the hot water. This would result in dangerous pressure build-up due to the violent action of the dry-ice sublimating. A ratchet stop is provided to allow the basket to be stepped into the water. As the CO2 is immersed a “fog” will be produced in thick clouds from the front nozzle. To increase the rate, lower the handle to the next stop. Raising the handle fully will quickly stop the effect, thus it is possible to have an ON & OFF type of effect. 

               8. After your first effect top up the water and allow the unit to heat up. Take the CO2 block/pieces from its storage container and load them in the basket.

               9. When the machine is to be emptied allow it to cool. Empty the machine into buckets where it stands rather than carrying it to the drain. Do not move the machine with hot or boiling water in it.

    • Warning:

                 1. Always make sure that the voltage of the outlet to which you are connecting the product is within the range stated on the decal or rear panel of the product.

                 2. The product is for indoor use only (IP20) to prevent the risk of fire or shock, do not expose the product to rain or moisture.

                 3. Always install the product in a location with adequate ventilation, at least 20 in (50cm) from the adjacent surface.

                 4. Be sure that no ventilation slots on the product’s housing are blocked *Never connect the product to a dimmer.

                 5. Never Carry the product from the cord or any moving part.

                 6. The maximum ambient temperature(Ta) is 104F℉(40℃). Do not operate the product at higher temperatures.

                 7. In the event of a serious operating problem, stop using the product immediately, Never try to repair the product. Repairs carried out by unskilled people can lead to damage or malfunction. Please contact the nearest authorized technical assistance center.

                8. Do not continue to use the machine once visibility is reduced 20”(50cm) or below The area in front of the product may become wet during operation. Make sure not to use near smooth floors as they may become slippery.

                9. Water temperature should be about 175℉(79℃) for optimal operation.

              10. Keep this User Manual for future consultation. If you sell the product to another user, be sure that they also receive this document.


    • U.S. warehouse: 2-5 working days in the U.S., 7-12 working days in other areas.
    • Spain warehouse: 2-4 working days in Spain, 7-12 working days in other EU regions.
    • Poland warehouse: 2-4 working days in Poland, 7-12 working days in the rest of the EU.
    • China warehouse: 7-20 working days for direct shipment from China.
    • The transportation type depends on the region, and it is uniformly displayed as international shipping. 
    • The goods will be sent out within 1-5 working days.After the logistics order number is generated, the customer service will send an email to notify you. Please pay attention to the delivery status.
    • If you have any questions, please leave a message.


    • Q: What is the difference between 3500W dry ice fog and 6000W  dry ice fog?

                A: 3500W dry ice fog machine coverage area is around 50-100㎡, max output time lasts 3-5 mins

         6000W dry ice fog machine coverage area is around 100-150㎡, max output time lasts 5-6 mins

    It is necessary to choose a suitable one according to the size of the venue and the number of participants.

    • Q: What is the coverage area of the smoke?

                A: The smoke coverage area of the 3500W dry ice fog machine is around 50-100㎡. 

                     The smoke coverage area of the 6000W dry ice fog machine is around 100-150㎡.


    • Q: How long are the dry ice heating time and output time?

                A: Heating: The heating time is different in different regions. The heating time is longer in extremely cold regions such as Russia and Canada. The heating time of the 3500W ice dry fog machine is 15 minutes under normal temperature; the heating time of the 6000W ice dry fog machine is 18 minutes. If only one thread is inserted, it will take longer.

                     Output: Our Ice dry fog machine has two gears that can be adjusted. The output time of adjusting the first gear of the two ice fog machines is about 4 minutes. If the second gear is adjusted, the smoke will be faster, because the contact distance between dry ice and hot water is relatively close, the output time of the two types of ice dry fog machine is about 3 minutes.


    • Q: How to deal with the machine failure?

                A: Depending on the situation, you can send us a video first, and our technical department will check the machine for problems. If it is a problem with the parts, we will send you the parts that need to be replaced. If there is a problem with the machine parts within 1 year of warranty, the cost will be borne by us. If the warranty period is exceeded, you will need to pay for it.


    • Q: Does your machine have a flight case, nozzle, and pipes?

                A: The 3500W dry ice fog machine is packed in a carton. The tube is required with the machine. The nozzle and fly case requires extra money.6000W ice dry fog machine with carton packaging, the pipe is required with the machine, fly case and nozzle need extra money.


    • Q: I bought a 3500W dry ice machine, why do I use only 2000W? (What is the voltage limit/current limit during the use of the machine?)

                A: Under the voltage of 110 V, the small ice dry fog machine is made into 2000 W, and the machine is the same as 3500 W, but only when the heating rod is made into 2000W can it be safely used in your area, if a 3500W machine is used at a voltage of 110 V, the current is 31A, which is far beyond the available safety value (13-18A).


    • Q: What is the difference between a dry ice fog machine and a water-base fog machine?

                A: The effect is different: The smoke of the dry ice machine is close to the ground and it is not easy to float. So indoor and outdoor use is possible.

                                                             The fog density of the water mist machine is small, easy to float when encountering wind outdoors. It is more suitable for indoor use.

                      Consumables are different: The dry ice fog machine uses dry ice, and the smoke can cover the entire floor in 4-6 minutes; the water-base fog machine uses water-base liquid, which can be used for about 1 hour when it is full.


    • Q: What is the reason that the light does not turn on when I just received the machine?

                A: 1. Maybe the water is added less, at least 8L water should be added a little more than.

                     2. It may be that the floating ball is stuck and does not float, which makes the sensor unable to sense the water level.


    • Q: What should I do if the heating lamp does not turn on after I receive the goods?

                A: 3500W: Probably not enough water, this machine needs to add at least 8L of water.


    • Q: What is the reason when the machine is heating, the light is on but the water is not hot?

                A: Electricity: The heating rod is broken; No power: the relay is broken.


    • Q: Can it be used indoors or outdoors?

                A: Yes, it is best not to use it in a windy environment.


    • Q: Is the machine waterproof? Can I use it outdoors?

                A: The dry ice machine is not waterproof, and the body of the ice dryer is Injection Molding at one time, so there will be no water leakage. Dry ice smoke has a strong ability to attach to the ground. If there is wind, the smoke is not easy to float, so it is no problem to use it outdoors.


    • Q: Can the machine continue to work and smoke continuously?

                A: When the added dry ice or water is used up, you need to add dry ice or water. First, heat the water, and then add dry ice after heating, then smoke can come out again.


    • Q: If the machine finishes heating, and I would use it at intervals, do I need to heat it again?

                A: The machine will stop heating automatically after heating to 85℃, and the temperature of the water will decrease after a period of time, which needs to be heated again, but the heating time will be shorter at this time.


    • Q: After the machine is received, it is operated according to your requirements, and the water is added correctly. Why is it not heated when the power is turned on?

                A: How many liters of water have been added? (3500 W) add at least 8L water. If 10L water is added and still not heated, please check whether the float ball can float normally (if not, it may be that the float ball gets stuck)


    • Q: Will the carton box be packed outside when the flight case is shipped?

                A: We will wrap a protective film on the outside of the flight case to prevent the flight case from being rubbed or damaged during transportation. We will wrap a layer of the protective film outside the aircraft box to prevent the flight case from being damaged by friction during transportation. If necessary, we can add carton packaging outside the flight case.

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