MOKA SFX EPR MINI 230 2R Moving Beam Head 230W Sharpy Light

Warehouse: China Warehouse
Plug: US
颜色: 1 unit black
Sale price$425.00



  • Compared to the old model 230 7R, this 230 Mini features a smaller size and higher brightness.
  • It is ideal for spaces with ceiling heights of 5-6 meters, such as music restaurants, small bars, etc.
  • The electronic rectifier makes the product lighter in weight, brighter in brightness, more stable in the bulb, more environmentally friendly, and energy-saving.
  • Colors: 14 colors + white rainbow effect
  • Gobos: 17 fixed gobos + white light
  • Control Modes: Automatic/Master-Slave/Sound-activated/DMX512

Technical Specifications

  • Specifications

    1. Bulb Type: Customized 230W bulb
    2. Control: Bulb control switch or manual
    3. Ballast: Electronic ballast (380V input)
    4. Power Supply: Switching power supply (100-240V input)
    5. Main Color Wheel: 14 colors + white, rainbow effect, 14-color linear mixing
    6. Pattern Wheel: 14 fixed patterns + white, pattern flow effect, pattern shake effect, pattern can be positioned at any angle, pattern clockwise/counterclockwise rotation
    7. Strobe: Independent strobe channel, 1-10 times/second, built-in macro function
    8.Dimming: Independent dimming channel, 0-100 linear precise dimming
    9.Frost: Independent linear frost
    10.Effects: 8+16+24 (optional 8+16) prism effects, magnification effects, prism and any angle positioning, rotation, prism pattern combination built-in program precise electric focus
    11.X/Y Axis Movement: X-axis 540°, Y-axis 280°, X/Y axis with auto-correction function, independent X/Y axis speed adjustment, rotation fine-tuning function
    12.X/Y Axis Resolution: 8/16 bit
    13.Control and Programming: 16 standard DMX512 channels, built-in microphone for sound control effects

            14. Dimensions: 51.53740 cm Gross Weight: 11 kg


How to Use

The user manual is included with the machine. If the manual is missing, please leave a message on the website, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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  • The shipping type varies by region but is uniformly displayed as international shipping.
  • Goods will be dispatched within 1-5 working days. Once the logistics order number is generated, our customer service will send you an email notification. Please pay attention to the shipping status.
  • The product price includes shipping but does not include taxes. We do not support refunds or returns if customers fail to receive the goods due to unpaid customs duties. For invoices or proofs, please contact customer service.
  • If you have any questions, please leave a message.

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