MOKA SFX H-E03A LGP Triple Head Flame Machine

Plug: US
Warehouse: China Warehouse
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  • The flame machine features DMX512 control/electric control and supports serial handheld power.
  • supply. It is compact in size and equipped with a digital LCD screen for displaying adjustment .
  • address codes, making operation convenient. It has a safety channel with a safety stop function to
  • reduce usage risks. High-quality valves and igniters ensure a success rate of up to 99% for .
  • ignition. The latest design provides the flame-throwing machine with extremely stable, safe, and reliable performance.

Please note

All machines sold do not come with a DMX controller. If you need one, please purchase separately: Mini Battery DMX Controller 24 Channel Battery Controller

Technical Specifications

  • Product Features

           1、This type of lighter can be used in various television performances, large outdoor disco performances, concerts, parties, etc., and is an important part of stage effects.

           2. Equipped with a safety channel, the flame ejector will not spray flames when the DMX controller is accidentally triggered.

           3.Safety sensing components, power automatically cut off, flame ejector stops working immediately when dropped.

          4. 3-pin and 5-pin DMX input/output to improve signal transmission.


  • Specifications

        Control Method: DMX512

        DMX Channels: 6 channels

        Channel 1: Safety Channel: Open at values between 100-155, closed for other value ranges.

        Channel 2: Left Spray.

        Channel 3: Middle Spray.

        Channel 4: Right Spray.

        Channel 5: Simultaneous spraying.

        Channel 6: Values ​​1-125: Spray from left to right; Values ​​126-255: Spray from right to left.

        Flame Height: 2m

        Voltage: AC110V, 220V-250V 50/60Hz

        Power: 180 watts

        Package Size: Gross weight 35x28.5x41cm

        Weight: 8kg

        Color: Fire Red (depending on the color of the fire oil)

        Product Warranty: 1 year

        Certifications: CE, RoHS, FCC Certification


  • Package List

        1 Fire Machine DMX

        1 Power Cord

        1 DMX Cable

        1 Manual


  • Please Note:

          The fire machine can work with fire oil. However, fire oil is defined as a flammable and explosive substance, so transportation is prohibited. You can obtain fire oil in your own country.

How to Use

  • Usage steps         

           1.Open the door of the flame machine, place the flame liquid tank into the machine, and ensure that the tank is securely fixed. Once done, close the door of the flame machine and return the machine to its original position.

          2、Connect the power supply of the flame machine, and turn on the switch. Set the DMX address, connect the DMX signal line to the machine and the DMX controller. The machine will perform DMX self-check, and the lights will flash. Note: When the DMX signal line is connected, the "d" will usually blink continuously. Otherwise, "d" will not blink.

          3. Once the three flames are ready and the DMX address is correctly set, you can operate the three flames.

          4. You previously set the "Safety" channel for the Stage Flame so that the device remains in safe mode. Now, you can exit safe mode by setting channel 1 to between 40% and 60%. The indicator lights on the back of the stage flame will start flashing sequentially.

          5、Finally, you can control the machine channels 2-6, which have 5-channel spray modes.

  • Attention : 

          Please read the operation manual before using this product.

           If the wind at the site is too strong during the use of the machine, the spraying height may be affected, which is a normal phenomenon.


  • US Warehouse: 2-5 working days in the US, 7-12 working days elsewhere.
  • Spain Warehouse: 2-4 working days in Spain, 7-12 working days in other EU areas.
  • Poland Warehouse: 2-4 working days in Poland, 7-12 working days in other EU areas.
  • China Warehouse: Direct shipping from China takes 7-20 working days.


  • Q:If I use this flame ejector, will it cause a fire or trigger the smoke alarm?

             A: Our flame ejector can be used indoors or outdoors as long as it's kept at a relatively safe distance, it won't cause a fire or trigger the smoke alarm. Additionally, our machine is equipped with a safety channel. When the machine tilts more than 45 degrees, the flame ejector will immediately stop working, enhancing safety during use.


  • Q:Do I need to obtain safety permits to use your flame machines or flower sprayers?

             A: From the customer's perspective, we have worked in Europe, the Americas, and other countries, and no safety permit is required to use our machines.


  •  Q:What should I do if the product is damaged during the warranty period?

             A: Don't worry, MOKA SFX has a professional foreign trade team to promptly assist you with all issues related to our products. If there are any problems with the product, please send us pictures or videos first. We will guide you on how to repair it and provide spare parts for free when needed.


  • Q:How high can it spray?

            A:  H-E01: Spray 1-3M;

                     H-E02: Mist 2-4M;

                     H-E03: Spray 1-3M;

                     H-E04: Mist 5-6M;

                     H-E01A: Mist 1-2 (LPG flame machine);

                     H-E03A: Mist 1-2M (LPG three-head flame machine)


  •  Q:What are the control methods?

             A: DMX control and electrical control. DMX control refers to connecting the DMX cable and then controlling the machine through the DMX controller. Electrical control refers to powering on to work and powering off to stop working.


  • Q: What is the safety channel?

            A: When you control the machine with a DMX controller, Channel 1 is the safety channel, and its value opens between 102-153 when the fire projector's safety channel is opened. By the way, for items like MK-E06 H-E02, H-E01 H-E01A, MK-E02 MK-E02A, you need to power on first.


  • Q: What is the spray called? What are the chemical components?

             A: Flame oil, flame liquid animal repellent, air freshener. The composition of flame oil: methanol 60%, white mineral oil 20%, butane 15%, fragrance 5%. Composition of colored flame oil: glycerin 40%, silicone oil 30%, butane 20%, pigment 5%, fragrance 5%.


  • Q: How long can one bottle of spray last?

            A: After confirming with the factory, one bottle of 200 ml equals about 60-70 seconds of output.


  • Q: What is the dump switch?

            A: When the flame ejector falls, it will automatically cut off the power and immediately stop working to ensure safety during activities. 


  • Q: Where can I buy flame oil?

          A: You can buy it from your local market and Amazon, eBay. For the US market, please check the Amazon link:;

For Europe, please refer to the Amazon link:


  • Q: What should I do if the machine continues to work?

           A: First, please confirm that all programs are running normally. It is recommended to cut off the power and restart. If it fails again, the reason may be valve damage. Please cut off the power and replace the new valve.


  • Q: What should I do if the machine only sprays oil but doesn't ignite?

           A: This may be due to the twisted angle of the ignition needle and the misalignment of the nozzle, resulting in the failure of the ignition needle to ignite when the spark is produced. Try adjusting the angle of the ignition needle to align with the nozzle and try again.


  • Q: Can the three-head flame machine spray flames of different colors?

         A: Of course, you can change different colors. We have 4 colors: red, green, blue, and yellow.


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