MOKA SFX MK-F20 1200w Morning Mist Haze Machine

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Plug: US
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  • Fast heating, preheating time is only 30 seconds.
  • The machine can run continuously for about 10 hours.
  • The coverage area is about 100-150 square meters.
  • Using three temperature control technologies has a long service life.
  • The smoke output is bigger, faster, farther and the smoke angle can be adjusted.

    Technical Parameter  

    • Features:                   

               1. Fast heating, preheating time is only 30 seconds, fuel consumption is small, 0.5l/hour.

               2. Using three temperature control technology, having long service life.

               3. Built-in large power fan, the smoke output is bigger, faster, farther, and the smoke angle can be adjusted.

              4. The machine can work continuously for about 10 hours with a large capacity 5l leak-proof fuel tank.

              5. Use the digital tube to control the whole interface, support dmx512, remote control and manual, easy to operate.

              6. Can be sprayed regularly and quantitatively.

              7. Coverage area is about 100-150 square meters, widely suitable for any occasion such as large-scale professional stage, performances, celebrations, performing arts, nightclubs, bars, KTV rooms, parties, clubs, studios, theaters, etc.

    • Specification:             

               Voltage: ac 220v-240v 50hz/AC90-110V 60hz

                Power: 1200W

                Normal heating time: 30 seconds

                Cylinder volume: 5L

                Fuel consumption: 0.5l/hour

                Maximum continuous output duration: 10 hours

                Maximum output coverage: 100-150 ㎡

                Net weight: 18.5 kg

                 Gross weight: 19 kg

                 Control method: dmx 512/remote control

                 Channel: channels 2

                 Channel 1: adjust smoke output;

                 Channel 2: adjust the fan speed

                 Machine size: 58X30X43cm

    • Product List:

               1pcs misting machine

               1pcs power cord

               1pcs remote control

               1pcs dmx cable

                1pcs manual book

    • Notice:

                 1. Please check the oil tank before using this machine

                 2. Please don’t refuel when you use this machine

                 3. Please use clean haze oil(water base)

    How To Use

    • Install Illustration:

                1. Place the machine on a firm-level and use it to adjust the angle of the mouthpiece as required. First, open the oil lid, add at most 5 liters of morning fog oil.

                2. Plug the power cord into a grounded 22 amp socket, ground fault interrupt socket will be the primary choice.

                3.  If you use the remote control, please connect the remote control receiver, turn on the power switch, the machine automatically heat about 30 seconds the display shows HAZE READY, you can use the machine, UP and DOWN button to adjust the size of smoke, can be adjusted according to demand Value value. Remote control button A turns off the machine and remote control button B turns on.

                4. If using the DMX512 control mode, when the machine warm-up successfully, the display shows HAZE READY, a channel to adjust the fan size, 2-channel control smoke.

                5. If using the timing quantitative control mode, after the machine heating is completed, adjust the size of the smoke as required, and smoke out time and smoke out time.


    • U.S. warehouse: 2-5 working days in the U.S., 7-12 working days in other areas.
    • Spain warehouse: 2-4 working days in Spain, 7-12 working days in other EU regions.
    • Poland warehouse: 2-4 working days in Poland, 7-12 working days in the rest of the EU.
    • China warehouse: 7-20 working days for direct shipment from China.
    • The transportation type depends on the region, and it is uniformly displayed as international shipping. 
    • The goods will be sent out within 1-5 working days.After the logistics order number is generated, the customer service will send an email to notify you. Please pay attention to the delivery status.
    • If you have any questions, please leave a message.


    • Q: If the products are broken during the warranty, what should I do?

                A: Don’t worry, MOKA SFX has a professional foreign trade team and helps you to solve all problems about our products in time, first please send us pictures or videos If there is a problem with the products. We will guide you on how to fix it and provide spare parts for free if needed.


    • Q: How long does it take to heat up?

                A: With only 30 seconds of heat-up time you won't have to worry about plugging in and turning your machine on 10 minutes before the show. Get up and running in under a minute!


    • Q: How long can I use after filling up liquid?

                A: The 5L fluid tank allows for 10 Hours of continuous production at 100% without refilling.


    • Q: What are the control methods?

                A: Full control with 2 channels of DMX, wireless remote control, and digital timer control.


    • Q: What kind of liquid it can use? How can I get it?

                A: It’s used pro-morning haze liquid. You can buy it locally. We also have to sell liquids, but liquids are dangerous and can only be shipped by sea. The minimum order is 200 bottles. Ordinary haze liquid can also be used, but the effect is different.


    • Q: Can you adjust the spray angle?

                A: Yes, the haze outlet is magnetic, so you can adjust the spray angle to 360 degrees.


    • Q: If run out of liquid, It’ll stop heating work?

                A: Yes. It has double temperature control protection, when the oil is used up, the machine will automatically stop working to protect the machine, and there is a temperature control device, when the temperature reaches 230 degrees, the machine will automatically stop working to avoid unnecessary losses.


    • Q: It’ll be easy to plug and not haze output?

                A: As long as you use clean liquid, it’ll not clog.


    • Q: The haze output can be timed and quantified?

                A: It has an easy-to-read LED function display with a built-in timer, complete fog output, and fan speed control via the Timer button, continuous, intermittent, or manually-triggered hazing. Allows for the perfect speed of output and thickness of fog effects for any application.


    • Q: What is the difference between MK-F20, MK-F14, and MK-F11? Which one is better?

                A: The MK-F14 haze machine is the only one that doesn’t need heating and uses oil-based liquid. It can only be used outdoors, and the fuel consumption time is slow. 1.5L liquid can run 24h.

                      The pro-morning fog machine and mist haze machine can be used indoors and outdoors. Pro morning haze machine is designed for a life on the road with a sturdy flight case, powerful heater core, and advanced options, and it can be superimposed on the machine to save floor space. Create more effects.

                       Mist haze machines are small and it usually fixed in one place. Which one is better depends on what type of event you want to use the machine.


    • Q: It can use in clubs and outdoor?

               A: It can be used indoors and outdoors.


    • Q: What is the effective range of the remote control.

                A: Effective reception distance without obstacle is 50m.


    • Q: It can be hanging on the truss?

                A: Yes, the angle of the haze outlet can be adjusted, but please pay attention to fixing the machine to avoid unnecessary losses due to falling.


    • Q: The machine is creating heavy smoke?

               A: The machine is capable produces a thin layer of haze to fill up the venue in mins. It can work with laser beams, lighting perfectly and bring the best atmospheric effects to all events. A pro-morning haze machine is definitely the best choice for those stage designers, performers, and audiences who are quite sensitive to surrounding settings.


    • Q: What is the effect of adjusting fan speed on liquid?

                A: The faster the fan speed, the faster the consumption of liquid, it’ll create more haze and better the effect.


    • Q: How many Dmx channels?

                A: 2 Channels, channel 1 is controlling the amount of haze, and channel 2 is a haze output switch.


    • Q: It’s fan power?

                A: No, it’s an operation by a blower. The power will be stronger and the effect will be better.


    • Q: Is the timed quantification set every time it is turned on or is it automatically saved?

                A: It’ll not be saved automatically and needs to be set after using the machine.


    • Q: What kind of event be it can use?

                A: It can work with laser beams, lighting perfectly, and bring the best atmospheric effects to all events. A pro-morning haze machine is definitely the best choice for those stage designers, performers, and audiences who are quite sensitive to surrounding settings.

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