MOKA SFX MK-LS3000 Portable Dj Laser Light-3W RGB 3 in 1 Light for Party Lighting Equipment

Spec: AT30 30kpps
Sale price$955.00



  • With sealing design, dustproof, maintenance-free, stable quality.
  • DJ laser RGB light laser mirror can be set to AT20 20kpps / AT30 30kpps.
  • Control system includes ILDA, DMX512, Sound, Automatic, Master-slave.
  • It has the advantages of brighter performance and longer divergence distance.
  • The light source produced by our laser light diodes has a small divergence angle and more condensing.

Technical Parameter

  • Our Advantages:

             1. Integrated module, module driver board, and power supply are integrated which makes the light small volume, save transportation cost, and easy to move.

             2. The whole exterior of the light body uses hexagon socket screws, which make the body plane smooth and bring a good tactile impression. What's more, it is less prone to wear and rust.

             3. Aluminum case, which does not rust and is more durable.

             4. Logo was printed by laser, not easy to fall off.

             5. Silent fan each Moka laser light with 3 silent fans of the 12v pieces make the laser run smoothly, extend the service life.

  • Specification:          

            Voltage: 100V – 240 V / AC, 50/60 Hz

            Max Power: 55w

            Power: R:638nm 450mw

            G: 520nm 550mw

            B: 450nm 1000mw

            Sopt Divergence Angle: ca.4mm/1.1mrad

            Laser Source: Diode

            Galvanometer: AT20 20kpps / AT30 30kpps

            Control Mode: ILDA, DMX512, Sound, Automatic, Master-slave

            N.W.: 4.5kg

            Product Size: 21*17*14 cm

            Applicable place: DJs, bands, bars, pubs, clubs, skating rinks, KTV, family party, birthday, celebration, wedding, festival, shopping mall, store, store, and other designated places.


  • Packing list for each unit:

            1pc laser projector

            1pc power cord

            1pc key

            1pc pc lock connector

            1pc user manual


  • Please Note:

             That we have different power supply plugs, united kingdom plugs, au plugs, EU plugs, the USA plugs, please let us know the power supply you need, or we will choose everything according to your country.

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