MOKA SFX MK-B11 Stage Cloud Maker Machine Foam Bubble Machine

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Plug: US
Warehouse: China Warehouse
Size: 40*40cm
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  • This is a new design cloud maker machine and uses gas by helium and nitrogen.
  • The machine uses gas to make the bubble water jet out of the machine.
  • Through the pattern and cut by wooden plate and fly into the sky.
  • The machine has one control mode- manual control.
  • We will offer 3 random pattern plates for free. if you need more or customize. pls, feel free to contact us.

Technical Parameter  

  • Specification:                 

            Product Size: 40*40*48CM (Customizable)
            Control mode: Helium switch (manual control)
            Product weight:24kg
            Material: Fireproof material
            Power: NO Electric
            Template Patterns: Customize
            Consumables for use: Foam powder

  • Product List:        

            1pcs 3 meters hose(hose diameter:10 mm)
            3pcs molds(If the customer has no special requirements for the pattern,we will               randomly send three)
             1pcs intake connector 

Steps To Use

     1. Connect the helium device with the hose, then Insert the gas hose into the gas intake hole at the bottom of the cloud machine.

     2. Blend the bubble liquid(10:1 ratio), then pour the bubble liquid into the container of the machine, the distance between the container and the bottom of the machine is 20-40mm,

     3. Open the helium bottle, and put the Pattern mold on the machine, and bubbles slowly rise, after the bubble rises, use a round stick to scrape the clouds away, and the bubbles will rise.

     4. After using the machine, immediately remove the remaining bubble oil, and wipe the inside clean with a cotton cloth.


  • China Warehouse: 7-20 working days for direct shipment from China.
  • We generally use express delivery. If you need to purchase in large quantities and want to choose to ship by sea, please contact us to get a quotation:

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