MOKA SFX MK-F21 24pcs×3W Rgb LED Vertical Fogger Machine

Plug: US
Warehouse: China Warehouse
Color: Black
Sale price$399.00



  • 24Pces 3w full-color light beads, the spray effect is cooler.
  • Smoke spray mode humanized, can be timed, quantitative spray.
  • DMX/Remote control operation control, convenient and quick operation.
  • Spray distance about 6 to 8 meters, support for hanging upside down, suitable for different occasions use needs.
  • Short preheating time, only 6 minutes, constant temperature heating, no need to wait for heating in the process of use.

Technical Parameter

  • Specifications:

           Voltage: 110v/120v 220v-240v 60/50hz

           Led: 24pcs x 3w

           Tank capacity: 1.5l

           Smoke output: 20000 clipping/min

           Heating time: 6 minutes

           Exit distance: 6-8m

           Exit time: 40-50s

           Control: Dmx 512/remote

           Package size: 41.5x28.5x38cm

           Weight: 11kg

  • DMX Channel:    CH1: control the pump  

                                       CH2: green light 

                                       CH2: green light

                                       CH3: blue light

                                       CH4: red light

                                       CH5: LED color strobe

                                       CH6: built-in program

                                       CH7: built-in program speed

How To Use

  • Steps To Use:

             1. This product can be installed in high places(with hangers), or placed on the ground. 

             2. Keep the fog machine flat, do not tilt or flip. Before connecting this unit to the mains power supply, you must add the fluid tank with high-quality fog fluid and check that the nozzle is clean and unobstructed.  

             3. Before connecting to power, you should check whether the voltage you use is suitable for the fog machine or not.

             4. Power cord should be plugged into a grounded electrical outlet, put the switch to “ON”, then fog machine starts warming up, can spray fog after warming up is complete. 

             5. Connect the controllers with the fog machine, then you can control the fog machine with the controllers.


  • Control Mode:

    1. Remote Control Key Functions:   A button: choose the color ( R G B )          

                                                             B button: color gradual 

                                                             C button: spray fog and control LED‘s skip. Press, to start; release, to stop.

    2.DMX Control: 5 DMX Channels:   CH1: control the pump  

                                                             CH2: green light    

                                                             CH3: blue light  

                                                             CH4: red light

                                                             CH5: LED color strobe  

                                                             CH6: built-in program 

                                                             CH7: built-in program speed 

    3. LCD Display:    Function: Enters the programming mode

                                Up: Value adjustment upward

                                Down: Value adjustment downward 

                                Timer: Starts the timer-controlled operation

                                 Volume: Starts or stops all operation

                                 Manual: Press and hold for manual fog output

                                 Interval      1——200  Pause time between timed output

                                 Duration   1——200  Duration time of timed operation

                                 DMX512   1——512  Set the starting DMX address

                                 Volume   1——100  Set the volume output

                                 Red    0——255       Green     0——255

                                 Blue   0——255       Glint        0——255

                                  Skip  0——255        Gradual    0——255


  • U.S. warehouse: 2-5 working days in the U.S., 7-12 working days in other areas.
  • Spain warehouse: 2-4 working days in Spain, 7-12 working days in other EU regions.
  • Poland warehouse: 2-4 working days in Poland, 7-12 working days in the rest of the EU.
  • China warehouse: 7-20 working days for direct shipment from China.
  • The transportation type depends on the region, and it is uniformly displayed as international shipping. 
  • The goods will be sent out within 1-5 working days.After the logistics order number is generated, the customer service will send an email to notify you. Please pay attention to the delivery status.
  • If you have any questions, please leave a message.


  • Q: Can I use normal fog liquid?

            A: Yes, but usually MK-F01use heavy smoke liquid. H-F01 uses fast dissipating fog liquid. The effect will be better.

  • Q: How long is the heating time?

            A: MK-F01 the heat-up time is 7mins.

                 H-F01 the heat-up time is 4mins.


  • Q: Can you spray all the time?

            A: No, MK-F01 can spray for 10-15s continuously, the interval heating time is 4mins.

                 H-F01 can spray 8 seconds for each time and 20 seconds for interval heating.


  • Q: What is the spray height?

            A: The spray distance is 8-10m.


  • Q: What is the fuel tank capacity?

            A: MK-F01 max liquid capacity is 2.5L.

                 H-F01max liquid capacity is 2.5L. Liquid consumption is 200ml / min.


  • Q: Can it be hung upside down from a truss? Will it leak?

            A: It can. The oil tank is reversible tank mounting. Flexible mounting solutions offer you more freedom in your setup.

                The super fog machine may be used vertically or horizontally. The reservoir tank may be mounted in the front or rear of the unit so the machine may be pointed up or down.


  • Q: What are the control methods?

            A: Full control with 8 channels of DMX and wireless remote control.


  • Q: How many channels does it have?

            A: MK-F01 and H-F01 has 8 channels:

                 Channel 1 controls the amount of smoke

                 Channel 2 adjusts LED brightness,

                 Channel 3 red LED switch,

                 Channel 4 green LED switch,

                 Channel 5 blue LED switch,

                 Channel 6 RGB color gradient,

                 Channel 7 RGB color transition,

                 Channel 8 RGB strobe function.


  • Q: What is different for H-F01 and MK-F01?

            A: H-F01 machines go when you say “go” and stop when you say “stop.” Stop your fog effects as quickly as you start them. Just need 1s. It has 27pcs led, More LEDs means more powerful and intense lighting effects. I use professional quick dissipating vertical fog fluid, It’ll better light transmission feature, producing a much brighter burst of fog and dissipating in seconds, is perfect for creating instantaneous atmospheric columns. The heating time is only 4 minutes, the spray time is 8-10 seconds, and the interval heating time is only 20 seconds.

                MK-F01, the heating time is 7 minutes, every spray is 10-15 seconds, and the interval heating time is 4 minutes.


  • Q: How much power? Can it be bigger, such as 3000W?

            A: The power is 1500W, At present, this is the maximum power. It may be a high-powered machine in the future.


  • Q: Do you have liquid? How much?

           A: It’s used pro-morning haze liquid. You can buy it locally. We also have to sell liquids, but liquids are dangerous and can only be shipped by sea. The minimum order is 200 bottles.


  • Q: If the liquid runs out, will it continue to heat up? 

            A: No. Double temperature control protection, when the oil is used up, the machine will automatically stop working to protect the machine, and there is a temperature control device, when the temperature reaches 180 degrees, the machine will automatically stop working to avoid unnecessary losses.


  • Q: The price is so expensive

            A: H-F01: The main feature of this model is when you say “go” and stop when you say “stop.” Stop your fog effects as quickly as you start them. Just need 1s. it has 27 RGB LED lights and is protected by a lampshade to prevent dust from entering and better protect the machine. The heating time is only 4 minutes. New appearance design, it will look more beautiful.


  • Q: How many LEDs? What color? How much power?

           A: MK-F01 has 24pcs*3w RGB 3in1 LED lights.

                H-F01 has 27pcs*3w RGB 3in1 LED lights.


  • Q: Can I use one remote control multiple machines at the same time?

            A: Yes, as long as the machine is powered on, the remote control will automatically detect the signal received from the machine.


  • Q: How to control multiple machines with one DMX?

            A: Please connect the DMX signal cable to each machine; if you want all machines to be synchronized, set the same Dmx address of all machines. If you need different machines to show different effects, you can set them according to different Dmx channel effects.


  • Q: Why Choose H-F01 DJ Fog Machine?

            A: When preparing to purchase the best fog machine that would lighten the deeper emotions within people, creating a DREAM event should be all about the machine that does it all! Here are just a few reasons why the H-F01 DJ fog machine should be on your bucket list.


  • Q: What is the DMX control and wireless control of this machine respectively?

           A: DMX channel: 1. Fog work, Value 0-9 Stop work,10-255 Adjust Fog Output 

                                             2. Full Color, Value 0-9 close all color,10-255 adjust the Brightness.

                                             3. Circle RED Color,0-9 close color,10-255 adjust circle RED Color.

                                             4. Circle GREEN Color,0-9 close color,10-255 adjust circle GREEN Color.

                                             5. Circle BLUE Color,0-9 close color,10-255 adjust circle BLUE Color.

                                             6. Color gradual change,0-9 stop work,10-255 Light faster 

                                             7. Color Jump change,0-9 stop work,10-255 Light faster 

                                             8. Strobe Function,0-9 stop work,10-255 strobe faster 

             Remote control: 1. Press “A”, machine fog work with Red Color; 

                                              2. Press “B” machine fog work with Green Color; 

                                              3. Press “C” machine fog work with Blue Color; 

                                              4. Press “D”machine fog work with RGB Color;


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