350W Moving Head Beam Light 15R Moving Head Beam Light EPR Beam350

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  • Elevate your lighting experience with the MOKA EPR350 Beam Lights, where dreamy prism effects and dynamic controls converge. Immerse yourself in a world of enchantment, creating captivating visual displays that redefine the boundaries of lighting excellence. Choose brilliance, versatility, and artistry with the EPR350 Beam Lights for an unparalleled lighting spectacle.

  1. Prism Marvel: Experience a world of enchantment with the EPR350 Beam Lights, featuring dreamy prism control, 24-facet prism effects, and captivating honeycomb prism effects.

  2. Intuitive Controls: Navigate effortlessly with the large LCD display and DMX512 channels, providing 16CH for precise and dynamic lighting control.

  3. Versatile Movement: Enjoy panoramic views with a horizontal range of 540 degrees and a vertical range of 270 degrees. Adjust the speed to suit your dynamic lighting needs.

  4. Fine-tuned Precision: Achieve precision with micro-adjustment at 8/16-bit and the option for pan/tilt inversion, giving you complete control over the lighting direction.

  5. Dynamic Gobo and Color Effects: Revel in the artistic possibilities with a copper fine rotating gobo wheel and a color wheel featuring 14 colors and white light. Experience flowing gobos, bidirectional rotation, and a long-distance dreamy aperture effect.

  6. Double Prism Delight: Explore the magic of double prisms with 16 + 24 facets and a T-shape prism switching effect, adding depth and dimension to your lighting display.

  7. Linear Rainbow Elegance: Immerse your space in a spectrum of colors with the linear rainbow effect, creating a visually stunning and dynamic atmosphere.

Technical Parameter

  • Specification:                           

            Total power: 600W
            Strobe: 0-12 times/second
            Fantasy prism effect control, 24 prism effect, honeycomb effect mirror effect
            Control mode: DMX512/Master-Slave/Auto/Sync
            LCD large liquid crystal display
            Bulb model: Japanese Phoenix bulb
            DMX512 channel:16CH
            Horizontal 5400, Vertical 2700,
            Adjustable horizontal/vertical speed
            Trace fine-tuning:8/16bit
            Horizontal/vertical reverse
            1 copper fine rotating pattern plate (a total of 4 metal pattern pieces + 8 high-temperature resistant glass pattern plates + white light) + 1 color plate (14 colors + white light)
            Pattern flow effect
            Pattern bidirectional rotation
           Aperture long-distance dreamy effect
           Biprism, 16+24, T-shaped effect prism switching effect
           color wheel:14 colors + white light
           linear rainbow effect

            Applicable place: Suitable for indoor use with floor heights of 8-10 meters. DJs, bands, bars, pubs, clubs, skating rinks, KTV, family parties, birthdays, celebrations, weddings, festivals, shopping malls, stores, stores, and other designated places.

  • Please Note:

1. Before installation, please carefully check whether the mechanical fasteners are loose due to transportation and perform regular maintenance.
2. Please do not place the product in a place prone to vibration or moisture.
3. When using the bulb, the voltage should be kept stable, and the power supply voltage should not change by more than ±10%. If the voltage is too high, the life of the bulb will be shortened, and if the voltage is too low, the light color of the bulb will be affected.
4. Please check whether the voltage is normal before turning on the light. It is not suitable to switch the power on and off frequently. After the power is turned off, if you need to turn on the light again, you must wait twenty minutes for the bulb to cool down completely.
5. In order to ensure the service life of the product, please keep it dry and ventilated, and avoid working in an environment of 40° or above.

How To Use

The manual will be with the machine, if the manual is missing, please leave a message on the website, and we will contact you as soon as possible


  • China warehouse: 7-20 working days for direct shipment from China.
  • The transportation type depends on the region, and it is uniformly displayed as international shipping. 
  • The goods will be sent out within 1-5 working days. After the logistics order number is generated, customer service will send an email to notify you. Please pay attention to the delivery status.
  • If you have any questions, please leave a message.


  • Q: How to design a moving headlight stage?
  • A:
  • 1. Depending on your venue area and budget, the spacing of each lamp can vary from 50cm to 100cm.
  • 2. The lighting of a stage is mainly the spotlight and then matched with the washing light.
  • 3. If the budget is limited, the washing effect can be achieved with washing par lights.
  • 4. The height of the ceiling should be at least 4 meters because the height is too low, the beam is not obvious, and the heat of the moving headlight will make the audience feel uncomfortable.

  • Q: What are RGBW and RGBWA+UV, what is the difference between RGBW and RGBWA/RGBWA+UV?
  • A: RGBW refers to the luminous color of LED in the stage lighting industry. R refers to the English word Red, G is Green, B is Blue, and W is white.  A is the English word Amber amber, and UV is purple.
  • RGBW is generally used in the market. The other two colors amber and purple are mixed to achieve the effect.


  • Q: What is the working environment temperature and is the power cord antifreeze?
  • A: The working environment temperature of the light is -25℃-+45℃, and the power cord has an antifreeze design. We have Russian customers using it at minus 35°C without any problems.


  • Q: Will the light fixture work without a DMX console?
  • A: Yes, you can rest assured! At present, in addition to DMX control mode, all moving headlights also have self-propelled, voice-controlled, manual, and other modes. There are built-in modes that need to be enriched. When there is no DMX console to control, you can choose the music voice-controlled mode. The effect is also very good.

If you need more help, please leave a message and we will reply to you as soon as possible within 24 hours.

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