EPR Beam 200W LED Module Moving Head Lights With Ring

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  • Discover unparalleled lighting effects with our cutting-edge 200W LED Moving Head. Powered by a 200W white light module LED, this fixture boasts a remarkable lifespan of 20,000 hours. Surrounding the lens, 30 0.5W RGB three-in-one LEDs provide dynamic peripheral illumination.

    Explore a vivid spectrum of 15 colors, including pure white, with customizable half-color effects and precise positioning. Enjoy captivating rainbow effects with adjustable speed settings. Immerse yourself in 17 intricate fixed patterns, featuring 14 static images and 3 dynamic wave patterns, all complemented by a white light option. Experience the vibrancy of pattern shake effects, bidirectional rotating graphics, and customizable speeds.

    Enhance your lighting setup with dual prism effects, featuring a 16-facet prism and a 24-facet prism, both with adjustable rotation speeds. Revel in the mesmerizing rotation of the prism and take control of the speed. The fixture also includes an independent atomization disk and a colorful disk for added versatility.

    Benefit from high-precision, multi-layer coated lenses for leak-proof optical clarity. With 19 DMX512 channels, this LED Moving Head offers extensive control options, supporting international standard DMX 512, random mode, and autonomous operation. Navigate effortlessly through settings with the 1.8-inch color display, which can be oriented in both upright and inverted positions, with seamless language switching between English and Chinese. Elevate your lighting experience with this state-of-the-art 200W LED Moving Head – a fusion of innovation and performance.

Technical Parameter

  • Specification:                                  

Input voltage: AC100V~240V, 50 / 60Hz
Power: 350W
Light source: 200W white light module LED
Auxiliary light around the lens: 300.5 WRGB 3-in-1 LED
LED lifetime: 20,000 hours
Color: 15 colors + white light, half-color effect, can be arbitrary positioning
Rainbow effect, adjustable speed
Fixed pattern: 17 exquisite patterns (14 solid drawings + 3 wave patterns) + white light, pattern jitter effect,
Two-way rotation map effect, the speed is adjustable
Prism: double prism effect, 116 prisms, 124 prisms, knob speed adjustable speed, prism rotation
Independent atomization plate + colorful plate
Optics: High-precision multi-layer optical lens with leakage protection coating
Number of channels: 19 DMX512 channels
Control mode: international standard DMX 512 / random mode / self-walk mode
Display: 1.8 inch color screen, positive/inverted display, Chinese and English switch
Power socket: PowerCon input
Signal input/output: three-core Canon head socket
X-axis: 540° / 2.0 seconds, Y-axis: 270 degrees / 1.0 seconds. Can automatically correct the positioning function
With RDM function
Operating temperature: -10℃ ~45℃
Protection index: IP20

Product size: 30cm long, 24cm wide, 53cm high
Net weight: 15kg, gross weight: 16kg


  • Please Note:

            We have different power supply plugs, UK plugs, AU plugs, EU plugs, the USA plugs, please let us know the power supply you need, or we will choose everything according to your country.

How To Use

The manual will be with the machine, if the manual is missing, please leave a message on the website, and we will contact you as soon as possible


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