What special effects equipment can be used for weddings

Gorgeous fireworks can instantly ignite the atmosphere of a wedding, but now many places are not allowed to use fireworks, don't worry, we have many alternative products, which are safer, have no irritating smell, are easy to control, and can also be used indoors. What is that?

Cold spark machine

If you use Cold Sparkler Machine, you just can relax and enjoy the wedding, because it’s very environmentally friendly, without large smoke, no harmful smell, and noise.

And most importantly, you can touch the fireworks when the Cold Sparkler Machine working, it’s safe,  will not cause any harm to the human body.

We all know if you guys want to import the traditional fireworks from China, there may need a lot of Government security documents, it will be complicated and difficult to get them.

Now the Cold Sparkler Machine come outs, which was tested by a safety agency, get through the test from the shipping company, there is no limitation for transportation for you to get them, also including the metal consumables.

Fog machine

We usually use the spark sprayer and dry ice fog machine together, the effect will be more dreamy. MOKA MK-F12 dry ice smoke machine is suitable for both indoor and outdoor venue, while water-based low fog machine could only apply with indoor events, because it’s fog is mixed with water, easily rising when running into the wind.

MK-F12 dry ice smoke machine output is much strong, and could only last in few minutes, as for waterbased low fog, with 2L heavy fog liquid, it can last for 2 hours.

Confetti machine

Confetti machine is a traditional effect in wedding which is always welcomed for public. MOKA SFX confetti machines has been recognized by customers all over the world. MOKA Confetti Machine using PRO USA AIR SYSTEM Professional venturi system, don’t have any electric device, can blow 40KG confetti paper into the sky around 20 meters within 20 seconds, which makes the atmosphere of the scene reach a climax; and MOKA Confetti Machine has other best products to meet the different needs of different customers. There are many types to choose from MOKA SFX.

We love hearing from couples and wedding planners about effects for upcoming weddings if you have any ideas or if you've seen pictures on Pinterest send them to us and we can work to recreate the look for you.

End the night with a bang, wowing your guests with your private display. Wedding effect machines can be also designed especially for you. If you need some suggestion about wedding design, please feel free to contact us or leave your message.

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Ngoako Rasodi

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