EPR Beam 295W Moving Head Beam Light

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  • The 250 beam light features a high-quality Japanese Phoenix bulb, stepping into an unparalleled lighting realm. With a luminous flux of 7950lm and a color temperature of up to 8500K, this lighting marvel lays the foundation for delivering stunning visual experiences.
  • lamp: MSD 295w (life:2200 hours Color temperature: 8000K)
  • Pan scan:540°(16bit) Electric correction
  • Tilt scan:270° (16bit) Electric correction
  • Effect Wheel: Rotation eight prism, effect move , frost
    0-100% mechanical dimming, mechanical dimming and free dimming available.
    1. Japanese Precision: The 250 beam light utilizes excellent Japanese Phoenix bulbs, ensuring first-class performance and longevity.

    2. Versatile Lighting Effects: This fixture features adjustable color palettes, pattern palettes, and a dual prism system, providing a variety of customizable lighting effects.

    3. Optimal Focus and Diffusion: Enjoy linear focusing from near to far, coupled with adjustable diffusion speeds to enhance the atmosphere.

    4. Mechanical Dimming and Strobe Effects: Achieve perfect ambiance through 0–100% mechanical dimming, mechanical strobing, and adjustable speed strobe effects.

    5. Intelligent Reset and Calibration: The light incorporates a photoelectric reset system and fine automatic calibration for worry-free operation.

    6. Overheat Protection: The beam light is equipped with overheat protection to ensure the safety and durability of the lighting system.

  • Enhance your lighting experience with the EPR250 beam light. Illuminate your space with dynamic colors, patterns, and multifunctional effects to create unforgettable visual spectacles. Choose the brightness, versatility, and safety of the 250 beam light to lay the foundation for captivating lighting experiences.

Technical Specifications

  • Specifications                       

        Power Supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
        Total Power: 450W
        Bulb Model: Japanese Phoenix Bulb
        Luminous Flux: 7950lm, Color Temperature: Up to 8500K
        Ballast: Electronic Inductive Ballast
        Control Mode: DMX512/WDMX/Auto-run
        Channels: 16 channels
        Stylish dot matrix display, four touch switches, flip display 180°
        Color Wheel: One color wheel, each with 14 color filters + white, adjustable rotation speed, bidirectional water flow effect, rainbow effect.
        Gobo Wheel: Fixed gobo wheel, 17 gobo effects + white
        Prism: Double prism, 16+24 prisms, stackable double prisms, bidirectional independent rotation, adjustable rotation speed.
        Focus: Linear focus, from near to far.
        Features fogging function, adjustable fogging speed.
        0-100% mechanical dimming, supports mechanical strobe and adjustable speed strobe effects, supports strobe macro function, mechanical strobe is 1-12 FPS.
        Lens group optical system, electric focus, beam angle 0~4°.
        Equipped with a photoelectric reset system, automatically retrieves and resets in case of unexpected failure.
        Horizontal 540°, 8Bit/16Bit fine-tuning.
        Vertical 270°, 8Bit/16Bit fine-tuning.
        Has horizontal and vertical fine-tuning auto-correction function.
      Overheat protection
        IP Protection Level: IP20
      AC/DC switching power supply.
      LCD display screen.
      Product Size: 296×233.5×480.5mm
      Package Size: 515370405mm
      Net Weight: 15KG

          Suitable for: DJ events, live bands, bars, pubs, clubs, skating rinks, KTVs, family gatherings, birthdays, celebrations, weddings, festivals, malls, boutiques, showroom indoor stage performances, multipurpose halls, theaters, auditoriums, and other designated locations.

  • Please note

          We offer different power plugs, including UK plugs, Australian plugs, EU plugs, and US plugs. Please let us know which power plug you need. Otherwise, we will select according to your country/region.

How to Use

The user manual is included with the machine. If the manual is missing, please leave a message on the website, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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