Wireless DMX512 Transmitter Receiver LED Lighting Male Female Plugs

Warehouse: China Warehouse
Plug: EU
Style: 1 transmitter 2 receivers
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  • DMX512 wireless receiver/transmitter transmits standard DMX512 protocol data(generated by console ) in a wireless way, which solves lighting control issues of wireless transmitting completely between lighting controller and lighting, lighting, and lighting, and so on. It gets rid of relying on connecting cables completely.
  • And also can ensure without any time delay when signal data is transmitted, signal data is real-time and reliable. This product adopts a global free 2.4GHz ISM frequency band. High effective GFSK modulation, communication design is 126 channels jumping frequency, high anti-jamming ability.

Operating Instructions

  • 1. Power on the transmitter and receiver, after blinking RED-GREEN-BLUE, the Transmitter, and Receiver would display the corresponding color according to the setting of the group.
  • 2. Press the button on the transmitter and receiver(s) to select the operating group. (The system will store this setting for future use)
  • 3. Once both the transmitter and receiver(s) are both set to the same group, connect the transmitter to the DMX controller or the DMX out of a fixture on your DMX chain. Connect the receiver to the fixture you wish to control.
  • 4. Once a DMX signal is provided to the transmitter, the status LED will blink RED, and then check the status LED on the receiver(s) until flashes GREEN, Now, you can free control the fixture just like the cable connection.
  • 5. If interference occurs in the current channel, the transceivers can select the channel automatically with a BLUE light flashing.

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