MOKA SFX MK-LD05D Liquid Sensing Dance Floor

Spec: 8FT×8FT=25pcs
Connection: Wire connect
Shipment: Shipping by sea



  • Waterproof rating-IP55.
  • High-quality tempered glass - Scratch-resistant tempered glass load-bearing weight up to 500 kg per square meter, no need to worry about the load-bearing capacity.
  • Wireless installation - Easy to install with the most beautiful appearance for an unforgettable experience.
  • Rich color-3IN1 RGB color, can be controlled by DMX, Sound control, remote control, WIFI and PC control the RGB full color.

    Technical Parameter

    • Specification:                    

               Voltage: 90-240VAC, 50/60 Hz

               Power consumption: 30w

               Led QTY: 144 pcs 5050 SMD

               Color: RGB 3IN1

               Life-span: ≥100000h

               Surface Board: Tempered glass

               Waterproof: IP55

                Load-bearing: 500kg/m²

                Control mode: SD controller(supply DMX, sound control, remote control), PC controller

                Size: 500*500*70mm

                Weight: 23Kg

               Applicable place: DJs, bands, bars, pubs, clubs, skating rinks, KTV, family party, birthday, celebration, wedding, festival, shopping mall, store, store, and other designated places.  

    Included accessories:
    • Power Supply
    • SD controller
    • Protection Edge
    • Flight case,10 in 1

    The number of these accessories above, we will configure according to the number of floor tiles.

    If you need special customization requirements or transportation needs, such as customs clearance and home delivery services, do not hesitate to contact customer service.


    How To Use

    • How to operate your MK-LD01 LED dance floor?

              1. Make sure the dance floor tile has enough charge or connect them to a power source.
              2. Use your remote control to power them on.
              3. When you power on, you will see the dance floor light into several colors.
              4. You may now use your sound system or DMX to change the light-up dance floor color codes. Your remote control may also make it easy to change the color code offering you more choices than the RMX and sound system.

    • DMX Control Mode

              DMX is an acronym for ‘Digital Multiplex Signal.’ Also called DMX 512 because the signal controls up to 512 channels. Since the MK-LD01 3d LED dance floor possesses a 3 in 1 RGB color effect, the DMX controls 3 channels (colors).

    • Sound Control Mode

              The sound control mode is responsible for changing the 3d LED dance floor’s effects. This is made possible by sound sensors that change light as the music plays. This sound sensor feature proves useful in the cases of bars, clubs, and music events. Its remote can control the sound activation mode, sound sensitivity, and light mode.

    • Remote Control Mode

              This is a traditional way to control the 3D LED dance floor because you have to keep changing the lights, music, and effects manually. However, a remote control mode can control LED lights within the colorful dance floor to an average of 20 modes. Some of the common effects include strobe, flashing, flowing of lights, and color fixing. Despite being a manual control option for your colorful dance floor, the remote control offers more color modes than its counterparts.

    • IPad Control Mode

              This is a wireless method of controlling your MK-LD01 3d LED dance floor. It is quite similar to the remote control mode, besides the fact that it has to be connected to a wireless application. The iPad control mode assists with controlling the video display on your colorful LED dance floor. It also controls light color, contrast, brightness, and textures. Apart from the in-built modes, you can also create your custom modes depending on the application used.

              A single row of panels usually shares one control module. These control modules are then connected using USB cords to a device like a computer. Hence, these colorful LED panels join together to access the control module. Within the panels, pressure and sound sensors allow the MK-LD01 3d LED dance floor to change its lighting effects and patterns.

    • How much is 1 piece of floor tile ?
    • Sorry, because the floor tiles need to be equipped with power supplies and SD controller, we will not sell them individually, they are all based on a certain area.


    • Since the floor tiles need to be customized, the processing time is about 1 month.
    • Ship by sea, and the shipping time is about 2 months.
    • Please check the port closest to you, leave a message to customer service, we will contact you in time to communicate the details of transportation.

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