EPR 380W 3 in 1 pattern moving head light

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Warehouse: China Warehouse
Color: 3 in 1
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         MOKA SFX EPR 380w pattern moving head light it is a linear 3 in 1 beam pattern light with high luminous efficiency, high integration, high effect and high speed. Combined with high-quality materials and high-tech design technology in native and abroad, it has super accurate positioning and strong anti-interference ability; Our own research and development of special optical lens, which integrates beam, pattern, dyeing and high-intensity focusing effect.

Our own research and development of special optical lens, beam, pattern, dyeing, and high-intensity focusing effect. There is a color disc: white light +8 colors + linear CTO;.Three pattern discs, one is a static pattern disc: 6 white lights + 9 patterns; One is the dynamic effect disc: white light + aperture + 3-segment arc dynamic effect pattern;.One is a metal rotating pattern disc: white light +7 plug-in Glass patterns, which can be superimposed with the effect disc, and the logo can be customized and replaced at will.Independent: octaprism and hexadecimal prism, combined with the pattern function, can independently realize: 8+16+24 beam effect switching; It also has full-time linear beam and pattern reduction and amplification, and can be clearly adjusted at any angle. The maximum opening angle is 2-80 degrees.

Technical Parameter

  • Specification:           

    Voltage: 100V~240V/50~60Hz
    Frequency: 50-60HZ
    Light bulb: philips 18R
    Total power: 800W 
    Color temperature: 7800k
    Zoom angle: 3°-24.5°
    Linear dimming: mechanical linear dimming 0-100%
    High-speed strobe: 1-20 times per second
    X/Y axis: three-phase motor, low noise, fast and accurate.
    Voltage protection: PFC power factor compensation, even in voltage fluctuations (±10V)
    It can also be used in the same environment.
    Ballast: Electronic ballast and AC/DC switching power supply.
    Color: 14 colors + white light & half color, rainbow fruit.
    Three pattern plates: pattern 1: 7 rotating patterns + pattern 2: 17 solid patterns + white aperture + fire plate
    Double prism plate: one prism 1:8 prism. Prism 2: 24 prisms, each prism can be rotated independently, can be superimposed and applied.
    Lens: High-precision multi-group glued optical lens
    Channel mode: 20 standard DMX control channels, master-slave mode, and self-propelled mode. Soft light effect: independent atomization of fruit, uniform and soft and natural light spots;
    Beam: Multi-level beam angle change effect
    Focus: 0-100% linear focus: dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment
    Projection range: 540 degrees in X direction, 239 degrees in Y direction, can automatically correct positioning
    Scanning speed: X-direction 3.0 seconds/540 degrees, Y-direction 2.0 seconds/250 degrees
    Beam angle: parallel beam angle 0 – 33.5°, atomizing light angle 8°
    Stroboscopic: stroboscopic structure, 0.5-12 times per second adjustable
    A: Three gobo plates: 1. Fixed gobo plate 2. Glass gobo plate 3. Fire plate
    B: Double prism: prism can be selected (8 prism, 16 prism, 16+8 prism, 24 prism, 48 prism, bee prism) each prism can be forward and reverse) C: linear zoom linear focus angle: 0-60 Spend
  • Please Note:

             That we have different power supply plugs, united kingdom plugs, au plugs, EU plugs, the USA plugs, please let us know the power supply you need, or we will choose everything according to your country.

How To Use

1. In order to ensure the service life of the product, this product should not be placed in a humid or leaking place, and it should not work in a place where the temperature exceeds 40°C.
2. Do not place this product in a place where it is easy to loosen or vibrate.
3. In order to avoid the danger of electricity, the maintenance of this product requires professional maintenance personnel.
4. The power supply voltage change should not exceed ±10% when the light bulb is working. If the voltage is too high, the service life of the light bulb will be shortened. If the voltage is too low, the light efficiency will be affected.
5. After the power is cut off, the lamps need to be fully cooled before being powered on again.

1. The lamp should be kept dry and avoid working in a humid environment.
2. Indirect use will effectively prolong the service life of the lamp.
3. In order to obtain a good ventilation effect and lighting effect, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning the fan and lens frequently.
4. Do not wipe the lamp housing with organic solvents to avoid damage


  • China warehouse: 15-25 working days for direct shipment from China.
  • The transportation type depends on the region, and it is uniformly displayed as international shipping. 
  • The goods will be sent out within 7-15 working days.After the logistics order number is generated, the customer service will send an email to notify you. Please pay attention to the delivery status.
  • If you have any questions, please leave a message.


  • Q : Does the machine make a lot of noise when it is working? How much?
  • A :We have customers have been used our lights in theaters and churches before, and they have tested that the noise at work is 35DB, and customer satisfaction is very high.

    First of all, all our lights use silent fans,our engineers have made software design on the head of the lamps. When the light first start to work, the fans do not work, so there is no any noise; when the light temperature rises to 25℃, the fans start to slow down with working slowly, the rotating sound is ignored; only when the temperature rises to 45°C, the fan will speed up, and there will be a little noise but it will not be affected.


  • Q : If the lamp is broken during the warranty period, how do you operate it?
  • A : You can rest assured that we have more than 8 years of export experience, and we provide free technical consultation throughout our life.

    Moreover, we have a professional after-sales team that can give you information to respond to communication within 1 hour,give you solve solution within 8 hours to help you deal with after-sales problems;  but We need your active cooperation and feedback. You can give us feedback on the problem by taking videos and photos, as well as the description of the problem during the operation of the light; we need to confirm which part may be broken, and then we will guide you how to do with step by step, if the problem is more complicated, we also have operation videos to provide guidance; if it still does not work, we will send you the free accessories for replacement, and you only need to pay the freight .

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