MOKA SFX MK-E24 New Battery Charger base for Wireless Cold Spark Machine

Plug: EU
Quantity: 1 unit
Color: Black
Prix réduit$480.00



  • 1. Enhanced Performance and Reliability

    The new charger base for the wireless cold spark machine MK-E24 represents a significant leap forward in technology, building upon the foundation of its predecessor MK-E19. The key highlight is its enhanced performance, offering a level of stability and reliability that was previously unheard of. Event planners and production teams can now rest easy knowing that their cold spark machines will go off without a hitch. Whether it's for a dazzling concert or a memorable wedding reception, this device ensures a seamless experience.

  • 2. Versatility at Its Best

    One of the most remarkable aspects of the wireless charger base of cold spark machine is its wide range of applications. It's compatible with a variety of models, including the MK-E11, MK-E15, and MK-E22. Moreover, it can seamlessly integrate into other electrical equipment with power requirements of less than 1000W. This versatility means that you can employ this device in a myriad of settings, making it a must-have for event planners, DJs, and production crews.

  • 3. Unleash the Power of Wireless Freedom

    Gone are the days of being tethered to a power source. The wireless charger base revolutionizes the way special effects are delivered by achieving wireless functionality. This wireless capability grants users the freedom to choose their desired location without being constrained by power supply limitations. Whether you're creating an ethereal atmosphere in an outdoor setting or transforming an indoor venue, this device has got you covered. It's the ideal solution for locations where a stable power supply might be elusive.

  • 4. Portability Redefined

    In addition to its performance and versatility, the wireless charger base boasts a lightweight and portable design. Moving and transporting this device has never been easier. It's designed with convenience in mind, allowing users to carry it effortlessly from one event to another. This level of portability ensures that you can set up your special effects wherever and whenever you need them, without the hassle of heavy equipment.

Technical Parameter

  • Specification:                                  

            Voltage :AC 220V 50HZ 110V 60Hz

            Fuse :10A

            Power: peak 1000W

            Battery capacity:12Ah

            N.W. :7KG

            G.W. :8KG

            Product size:30.5/29/12CM

            Package size:36.5/35.5/19.2CM

            Charging time: about 5 hours 

Please Note:

The machine should be placed in a cool and dry place. When it is not used for a long time, it should be charged once every two months.

How To USE       

1. Please use the original lithium battery charger;

2. It is strictly forbidden to change the positive and negative poles of the battery to avoid danger caused by short circuits;

3. It is strictly forbidden to enter the whole machine or soak the battery in water, otherwise the warranty will not be granted;

4.It is strictly forbidden to place the machine in a high-temperature environment, such as near a heat source or exposed to sunlight, etc              


  • China warehouse: 7-20 working days for direct shipment from China.
  • The transportation type depends on the region, and it is uniformly displayed as international shipping. 
  • The goods will be sent out within 1-5 working days. After the logistics order number is generated, customer service will send an email to notify you. Please pay attention to the delivery status.
  • If you have any questions, please leave a message.


  • Q: How long can the mobile charger base be used with a full charge?

            A:  Taking the MK-E22 6-meter 900W cold spark machine as an example, it can spray 15 times, each time lasting 30 seconds.


  • Q: How long does it take to fully charge?

            A: 5h


  • Q:  How to get after-sales service if the machine breaks down?

            A: If the machine fails, please take a clear video of the failure. You can see the numbers on the panel in the video. Then please contact the website customer service as soon as possible and provide the order number. We will determine the cause of the failure based on the video. You may need some cooperation during this period. Check the steps and determine the cause, we will send you the corresponding accessories for replacement. 


  • Q: What is the warranty period of the machine?

            A:  One year after receipt of goods. If the equipment fails after one year, you can still consult after-sales questions, but you need to pay the shipping cost of the accessories if need replace.


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