MOKA SFX Cold Spark Powder For outdoor Indoor Wedding Sparklers Granule 200 G/Bag

Warehouse: China Warehouse
Quantity: 15 bags
Spec: Outdoor Powder
Sale price$325.00



  • Colorless and odorless touchable fireworks
  • Pellets burn more fully and the effect lasts longer
  • 200g/bag, can work 15-20 minutes
  • Small package is easy to carry, use as you go, not easy to cause waste of use
  • Better effect with our MK-E11, MK-E15, MK-E18, and MK-E22 MOKA SFX cold spark machines.
  • These powders can be used on all MOKA cold spark machines that do not require an RFID Card

  • Please Note:

            Due to the logistics of transportation requirements for special items such as powder, please consult us before buying the product to avoid unnecessary trouble. Thank you!

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