MOKA SFX MK-LD04C 144 (12*12) Pixel Digital Interactive LED Wired Dance Floor Tile

Spec: 8x8(FT)=25pcs
样式: Waterproof
Shipment: Shipping by sea
Sale price$3,500.00



  • Unique customizable playback effects, capable of playing text, animations, and videos, as well as romantic starry sky effects, to make your event even more perfect.
  • Energy-saving, no need for auxiliary heat dissipation, natural cooling, noise-free, seamlessly integrated.
  • Control methods include WIFI, remote, SD and DMX functions, wireless remote control, PC controller, MADRIX software control, and tablet control, easy to use and set up.
  • With IP55-IP67 waterproof rating, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Combined with other stage effect products such as smoke machines, pyrotechnics, etc., it will bring an unforgettable experience to your wedding.
  • With a load-bearing capacity of 500kg/m², it is suitable for disco stages, concerts, fashion shows, various hotels, entertainment venues, theaters, large-scale live performances, and other purposes.

Technical Specifications

  • Specifications                    

           Voltage: 90-240VAC, 50/60 Hz

            Power Consumption: 30 watts

           Led QTY: 64 pcs 5050 SMD

           Color: RGB 3IN1


           Surface Board:Tempered glass

           Water proof:IP55

            Load-bearing: 500kg/m²

            Control mode: SD controller(supply DMX, sound control, remote control) PC controller, MADRIX

            Product dimensions: 500*500*70mm

            Package dimensions: 2in1 56*56*22cm

            Package weight: 23kg

           Suitable venues: DJ, bands, bars, pubs, clubs, skating rinks, KTV, family gatherings, birthdays, celebrations, weddings, festivals, malls, specialty stores, supermarkets, and other designated venues.

The accessories include

  • Power supply
  • SD controller
  • Protective edges
  • Built-in power supply, no need to purchase separately.

The quantity of these accessories will be configured based on the quantity of floor tiles.

If you have special customization requirements or transportation needs, such as customs clearance and door-to-door delivery service, please feel free to contact customer service.

  • Please note

             We have different types of power plugs available, including UK plug, AU plug, EU plug, and US plug. Please let us know your power requirements, otherwise, we will select based on your country/region.

How to Use

  • How to operate the MK-LD04C LED floor tiles?

          1. Ensure that the dance floor tiles have sufficient power or connect them to a power source.

          2. Use the remote control to turn on the power.

          3. After powering on, you will see the dance floor lights display multiple colors.

          4. Now you can use the sound system or DMX to change the color codes of the illuminated dance floor. You can also easily change the color codes via the remote control, providing you with more options than RMX and sound systems.

  • SD Controller

          The SD controller is used to control the program changes of the digital pixel dance floor. We will pre-store some text, animation, video, and other materials in the controller, or customize the effect materials you want. At the same time, you can also control the playback speed and brightness of the program effects.

  • DMX Control Mode

          DMX stands for "Digital Multiplexing Signal." It is also known as DMX 512 because it controls up to 512 channels. Since the MK-LD04C digital pixel dance floor has 3-in-1 RGB color effects, the DMX controls 3 channels (colors).

  • Sound Control Mode

          The sound control mode is responsible for changing the effects of the digital pixel dance floor. This is achieved through a sound sensor that changes the light with the sound as music plays. It's proven to be very useful in bars, clubs, and music events. Its remote control can control the sound activation mode, sound sensitivity, and lighting modes.

  • Remote Control Mode

          This is the traditional way to control the digital pixel dance floor, as you have to manually change the lights, music, and effects continuously. However, the remote control mode can control the LED lights in the colorful dance floor, with an average of 20 modes. Some common effects include strobe, flash, light flow, and solid color. Despite being a manual control option for the color-changing dance floor, the remote control offers more color modes than similar products.

  • Tablet Control Mode(Not supported on Apple devices)

         This is a wireless method to control the MK-LD04C digital pixel dance floor. It is similar to the remote control mode, except that it must be connected to a wireless application. The tablet control mode helps control the video display on the colorful LED dance floor. It also controls the color, contrast, brightness, and texture of the light. In addition to built-in modes, you can also create custom modes based on the application you use.

          A row of panels typically shares one control module. These control modules are then connected to devices such as computers using USB cables. Therefore, these colored pixel panels are connected together to access the control modules. Inside the panels, pressure and sound sensors allow the MK-LD04C digital pixel dance floor to change its light effects and patterns.


  • Due to the customization required for the tiles, the processing time is approximately one month.
  • Shipping by sea takes about two months in transit.
  • Please check the nearest port to you and leave a message for customer service, and we will contact you promptly to discuss shipping details.

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