MOKA SFX P-00 3*18W Battery Wireless DMX+ WIFI PAR Light 6IN1

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Style: Short model
Shell Color: Black
Quantity: 1 unit
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Discover the ultimate in portable lighting with our LED Battery Par Cans. Boasting a power consumption of 54W, these versatile fixtures are equipped with 3pcs 18W high brightness 6in1 LEDs from the renowned China Tianxin brand. Housed in a robust Die Casting Aluminum shell with an IP22 protection grade, these Par Cans ensure durability and reliability for any event.

Enjoy a vibrant display of 16.7 million color changes, thanks to the advanced color features. The adjustable angle of 15/40 degrees allows you to precisely direct the light, while the long lamp life of 60-100,000 hours guarantees enduring performance. With a control channel of 6/10CH and various control modes including DMX512, master/slave, automatic, voice-activated, infrared control, and 2.4Ghz wireless, you have complete flexibility in managing your lighting setup.

What sets these LED Battery Par Cans apart is the built-in 6600 mA battery capacity, offering 5 hours of charging time and impressive RGBWAUV discharge times—fully bright for 4 hours and monochromatic for 26 hours. In self-propelled mode, enjoy a continuous 8.5 hours of captivating illumination.

The user-friendly operation menu, featuring a 4-bit digital LED display, allows easy navigation through various modes such as color change, color gating, color dimming, and color gradient/color jump change. Elevate your lighting experience with these cutting-edge LED Battery Par Cans, perfect for events, performances, and installations.


Technical Parameter

  • Specification:
    Power supply: AC110V-250V
    Frequency: 50-60Hz
    Power consumption: 54W
    Light source: 3pcs 18W high brightness 6in1 leds (China tian xian brand)
    Shell: Die Casting Aluminum
    Protection grade: IP22
    Lamp life: 100,000 hours
    Adjustable angle: 15/40 degrees
    Color: 16.7 million color changes
    Control channel: 6/10CH
    Battery Capacity:6600 mA
    Charging time: 5 hours
    Charge time: RGBWAUV is fully bright for 4 hours and monochromatic for 26 hours.
    Self-propelled mode 8.5 hours
    Control mode: DMX512, master/slave, automatic, voice activated, infrared control, 2.4Ghz wireless
    Automatic mode (via function buttons): color change, color gating, color dimming, color gradient/color jump change
    Operation menu: 4-bit digital LED display
    Lamp body size: 12.5*11*17.5
    Net weight:1.4KG
    Gross weight: 2KG


  • Package including:

            1pcs led par light

            1pcs remote control

            1pcs power cable

            1pcs manual book


  •  Please Note:

Tall model: It has a built-in charger, which can be charged with a power cord. The tall model has DMX, which can be connected with wires.

Short model: It has an external charger, and the short model can only use wireless DMX.

How To Use

The manual will be with the machine, if the manual is missing, please leave a message on the website, and we will contact you as soon as possible


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