MOKA SFX MK-LD03C Dance Floor Stage Light with Flight Case Wired Infinite Abyss 3D LED Dance Floor with Flight Case

Warehouse: China Warehouse
Water proof: IP55
Spec: 8FT×8FT



  • After-sales guarantee: Our packaging includes all accessories such as power supplies, controllers, protective edges, wires, etc. If you receive any damaged products, we will replace them free of charge, with a warranty period of 12 months.
  • Control modes: SD controller, DMX, sound activation, remote control
  • The LED dance floor tiles are made of scratch-resistant tempered double-layer glass, capable of bearing up to 500 kg/m². They feature anti-slip properties, ensuring safety even if beverages are spilled on them.
  • Suitable scenes: parties, bars, weddings, nightclubs, and various events.
  • Please note: The size of each tile for the wired model is 50*50*7 cm. If you wish to customize the size and area of the floor tile lights according to your venue, please contact 

Technical Parameter

  • Features
  1. Lifetime: ≥100,000 hours, with high clarity and uniform colors.
  2. Made primarily of ABS plastic and tempered glass.
  3. Supports full-color RGB, capable of presenting vibrant color effects.
  • Specification
  1. Voltage: 90-240VAC, 50/60 hz
  2. Power consumption: 15w    
  3. Led QTY: 60 pcs 5050 SMD
  4. Color: RGB 3IN1
  5. Life-span:  ≥100000h
  6.  Surface Board: Tempered glass
  7. Waterproof: IP55
  8. Load-bearing: 500kg/m²
  9. Control modes: SD controller, DMX, sound activation, remote control

Included accessories:

  • Power Supply
  • SD controller
  • Protection Edge
  • Flight Case

The number of these accessories above, we will configure according to the number of floor tiles.

How To Use

  • How to install Your MK-LD03C LED Dance Floor Panel:
  1. Before connecting, verify the first tile in each row. The power and signal lines are combined into one, serving as a power line and a signal line. Connect the signal line to the signal box. After confirming the first tile, connect the connector at the other end to the corresponding connector on the next tile, ensuring proper alignment of male and female connectors.
  2. The signal box has 8 interfaces, each capable of driving one row of floor tile lights.
  3. The SD card inside the signal box contains a variety of effects, which can be switched using the buttons on the signal box. This is our standard operating mode. Note: The effects on the SD card can be customized.
  4. If you wish to customize the size and area of the dance floor, please provide the area or number of tiles you require. Please contact me at
  5. Please watch the video:


    • Since the LED dance floor needs to be customized, the processing time is 5-7 days.
    • Overseas warehouse delivery: It usually takes 7-15 days to deliver.
    • Shipping from China: Deliveries in the US usually take 35-50 days, and 35-60 days for other regions.
    • Regardless of where the shipment is from, we will provide tracking information. Once your order is placed, you don't have to pay extra, and the LED dance floor tiles will be delivered directly.


    Q: If a guest is wearing a skirt and stands on the floor tile, will it reflect light?

    A: Yes, because the mirror surface will reflect. It is recommended to use the abyss tile in combination with the rainbow floor tile for optimal results.


    Q: How much does an LED dance floor tile light cost?

    A: The price of LED dance floor tile lights depends on the size, features, and quantity of the dance floor. Generally, LED dance floors range from $4,000 to $25,000.


    Q: What should be considered when choosing a party dance floor venue?

    A: When choosing an LED dance floor, consider factors such as space capacity, lighting options, and the number of guests. Ensuring sufficient space to set up the dance floor without compromising the overall ambiance is crucial.


    Q: How does an LED dance floor work?

    A: LED dance floor tile lights use LED lights and mirrors to create a 3D effect. The 3D effect is created by placing lights between two mirrors. Light reflects off the mirrors. The sides and bottoms of the tiles are reflective. This causes the light to scatter and produce multidimensional colors.


    Q: Will the LED dance floor scratch?

    A: The LED dance floor tile lights are made of durable double-layer tempered organic glass material, nearly shatterproof, sturdy, and scratch-resistant, capable of bearing up to 500 kg/m². Each tile weighs 12 kg and is highly scratch-resistant, but caution is needed for gravel on shoe soles.


    Q: How are LED dance floors installed?

    A: Installing an LED dance floor is usually straightforward. After selecting the venue size, start laying out the panels, plan the route, and then connect the panels. Ensure the wires are properly placed and not compressed by machinery, and securely interlock the panels. The installation process includes connecting the power supply, ensuring the panels are level, and testing the lighting effects.


    Q: Is it non-slip?

    A: It is non-slip and meets IP55 standards, suitable for indoor use, and even safe to use in case of spilled drinks like alcoholic beverages.


    Q: How are the floor tile lights shipped?

    A: Customized models are shipped from China and typically take around 35-40 days for delivery. Regular models are shipped from a US overseas warehouse and can be delivered within 7-15 days. The products are packaged in flight cases.


    Q: What are the control methods for the floor tile lights?

    A: We offer various advanced control methods to meet different needs and creative setups. The main control methods include:

    • SD card automatic operation
    • DMX console control
    • Sound activation
    • Remote control

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