MOKA SFX MK-CN03 2-Head Electric Confetti Cannons Machine

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  • Double-headed concierge flower using DMX512 and remote control of six channels, support multiple tandems.
  • Wide voltage design, solve the effect of voltage instability, and effective protection of the machine is not easy to damage. 
  • Special angle adjustment settings, the gift bomb can be 360 read arbitrary adjustment, increasing the flexibility of use.
  • Protocol flowers to a variety of beautifully shaped confetti as the contents.
  • Forming a spectacular gorgeous scene, the festive atmosphere to the climax.


Notice: We can not ship the confetti cannon shooter together with the confetti machine. Due to the shipping company's policy, the confetti cannon belongs to the dangerous goods series. so you need to buy it at your local market.

Technical Parameter

  • Product Specification :                  

            Voltage: 220v/50hz (or 110v/60hz).

            Power: 60W

            Package size: 38*17*24.5cm

            Control mode: dmx 512 & remote control

            Channel dmx: 6 channels

            Channel 1: shot 1

            Channel 2: shot 2

            Channel 3: shot all

            Channel 4: shooting from left to right

            Output: confetti cannons 40cm : 5m

            Confetti cannons 80cm : 12m

            Streamer cannons 40cm : 12m

            Streamer cannons 80cm : 20m


How to use

  • Installation Preparation:

           1. Open the packing box, count the accessories accompanied, read the manual carefully.

           2. The machine works with electric confetti cannon (need purchase separately).

           3. Please check all parts of the machine are intact before first use.

           4. Check the electric power and socket are in compliance with requirements.

  • Installation:

           1. Please put the machine in its proper place.

           2. Adjust the angle of the machine via Angle adjustable knob as you want.

           3. Connect the machines and Dmx controller with Dmx cables.

           4. Plug the power cable into a power socket.

           5. The machine is controlled by dmx512, it has 6 channels.

           6. First set the Dmx address of the machine, turn on the power of the Dmx controller, the green led light in the Dmx dips will be on-if the machine power is on also.

          7. Turn on the machine power, the Power Indicator will be on then.

          8. Output Dmx signal to the machines, let the machine in ready status.

          9. Put the electric confetti cannon in the holder and screw up it.

        10. If already, you could use the controller to control the machine to shoot the electric confetti cannon then.


  • U.S. warehouse: 2-5 working days in the U.S., 7-12 working days in other areas.
  • Spain warehouse: 2-4 working days in Spain, 7-12 working days in other EU regions.
  • Poland warehouse: 2-4 working days in Poland, 7-12 working days in the rest of the EU.
  • China warehouse: 7-20 working days for direct shipment from China.
  • The transportation type depends on the region, and it is uniformly displayed as international shipping. 
  • The goods will be sent out within 1-5 working days.After the logistics order number is generated, the customer service will send an email to notify you. Please pay attention to the delivery status.
  • If you have any questions, please leave a message.


  • Q: Can the machine spray ribbons except for spray confetti paper?

            A: Yes, the machine can spray confetti cartridges filled with confetti paper ribbons. 


  • Q: How high can the machine spray?

            A: It can spray 6-12 meters.


  • Q: Do you sell confetti cartridge?

            A: As confetti cartridge is defined as flammable and explosive products, it is hard to export. You can buy it locally or on Amazon.  


  • Q: What is the adjustable angle of the machine?

            A: MK-CN07, MK-CN03: 180 degrees adjustable

                MK-CN07A, MK-CN03A: 360-degree adjustable battery

                MK-CN04: 180 degrees front and rear adjustable; 180 degrees left and right.


  • Q: What are the advantages of using a machine to open confetti tube than to open them directly by hand? Wouldn't it be easier to open directly with your hands?

            A: For small parties and other events, it may be more convenient to open a confetti cartridge directly with your hands. However, if your field is relatively large, you can also save manpower, and you can control the number of launches at any time when you launch more than one. Especially in some large-scale performances, the height that can be sprayed with confetti paper or ribbon by our machine will be higher, to achieve better results.


  • Q: Does the confetti cartridge have a different size? How about the spray height?

            A: Yes, confetti cartridges come in different sizes. There is 40.60.80cm.

                  40cm: spray 5-8 meters

                  60cm: spary 8-10 meters

                  80cm: spray 10-12 meters

                  40cm Ribbon carridge: spray 5-8 meters

                  80cm Ribbon carridge: spray 10-12 meters


  • Q: Can you engrave my logo? What’s the MOQ?

            A: Yes, we can engrave your logo. 

                 Free engrave for 6 and above, below 6pcs, you need to pay extra.


  • Q: Received the machine just now, but Power Indicator is not On, what is the problem?

            A: May Power cable is not connected, pls check if the power cable is connected or change one new power cable.

                 You may buy a bad quality confetti cartridge, please change a batch of confetti cartridges.


  • Q: How many channels of the machine?

             A: MK-CN07, MK-CN07A only has 1 channel, it will spray after you connect DMX.

                 But there are 4 channels when multiple in series:

                 Channel 1: Spray Together (multiple in series)

                 Channel 2: From Left to Right(multiple in series)

                 Channel 3: From Right to Left(multiple in series)

                 Channel 4: From the middle to both sides(multiple in series)

                 MK-CN03, MK-CN03A has 6 channels:

                 Channel 1: spray the first one

                 Channel 2: spray the second one

                 Channel 3: spray all

                 Channel 4: spray from left to right

                 Channel 5: spray from right to left

                 Channel 6: spray from middle to both sides (series connection)

                 MK-CN04 has 6 channels :

                 Channel 1: spray the first one

                 Channel 2: spray the second one

                 Channel 3: spray the third one

                 Channel 4: spray the fourth one

                  Channel 5: spray the second, third, fourth one

                 Channel 6: spray from left to right


  • Q: Can I reuse the confetti cannon?

            A: No. They only can be used one time.


  • Q: Why are the confetti cartridge are not sprayed?

            A: You may buy a bad quality confetti cartridge, please change a batch of confetti cartridges.


  • Q: How long is your warranty? How about after-sale service?

            A: We promise 1 year warranty. If there is any quality problem, we offer accessories for free. Charges for repairs for parts over one year.


  • Q: Why the motherboard is burned?

            A: Poor quality fireworks can easily touch the line itself, and it will short circuit not need high current.

                Besides, it also will cause burning the resistance of machine and socket.


  • Q: How often does the machine's fuse burn?

            A: The fuse is burned may be caused by unstable voltage. So the machine is not working. 


  • Q: Is there any requirement for a confetti cartridge?

            A: You’d better buy a good quality confetti cartridge. And select the length according to your need. 


  • Q: What’s the difference between buying a two-piece confetti launcher and a one-piece double barrel confetti launcher?

            A: First of all, the price of 2 pieces signal head confetti machines is the almost double head that of one piece two heads confetti machine. But they got the same effect.

                 Secondly, if you want to control one piece popper, one-piece double heads confetti machine can make it. But for one head confetti machine, you need to connect them in series.


  • Q: Is there a delay in the remote control?

            A: There is a little bit of delay.


  • Q: Received the machine just now, Power is On, what is the problem?

            A: Please check if the DMX cable is good, if so. Please check Dmx address was the wrong setting?


  • Q: If I have two confetti machines connected in series, how to make them spray separately?

            A: You just need to set a DMX address. The first machine is set d001 and the second one is set d002. In this situation, the channels of the first machine are channel 1 to channel 6, channels of the second machine are 7 to 12.


  • Q: The machine can’t be controlled by a remote controller, what’s the reason?

            A: (1)Please check if the remote controller has power.

                 (2)Please check if the remote mode is opened. 

                 (3)If it is opened. 

                  a.Your remote may break. Please change a remote to test it again. (Press the enter bottom on machine---System settings---Wireless  You’ll see if the remote mode is opened, if it is closed, open it.)

                  b.The resistance may be burned. We need to open the machine for a check. (see the photo, the part circled in red are resistance)

               (4)If the wireless mode is closed.

                Please press the first remote switch button towards the back of the machine. Four indicators will turn on one by one. When you press the second bottom, the middle two indicators will light up.

                Press the bottom“-” indicators off one by one. Press ”+” bottom, all indicators light up once.

                At that time you can control the machine with a remote.


  •  Q: How to set English?

             A: Press the fourth bottom enter” display setting” when you see”1. Language”, select English.


  • Q: What kind of battery does the remote control use? What is the battery capacity?

            A: The remote uses 23A, 12V voltage. 


  • Q: Can I make MK-CN04 spray all at the same time or spray one by one?

            A: There is 4 holder. You can make it spray one by one after you insert the popper into the holder.


  • Q: Does the battery confetti machine not need to connect the power cable and dmx cable?

            A: For the battery confetti machine it’s no need to connect the power cable after it is fully charged.

                 When the machines are under series connection, you need to connect them with a controller via dmx cable. And it’s better to control the machines when you want them to work at the same time as there is no delay.


  • Q: Can battery launchers be shipped by air?

             A: Sorry, no. Batteries cannot be transported by air


  • Q: How long does it take to fully charge the battery launcher? How long can it be used?

            A: It takes 4 hours to full charge; It can be used for 3 hours.



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