MOKA SFX MK-B10 1200W Seven Layer Big Bubble Machine

Warehouse: China Warehouse
Transportation method: By air
Plug: EU
Sale price$2,850.00



  • DMX512 control and remote control, free to choose the control method to use.
  • Big bubble machine with 7 layer roller group, The each Roller Group could be controlled separately, you can set it according to your need freely.
  • Ultra-High 3L Capacity bubble liquid at most, last to use for 30 minutes at a time if full load, it is enough for a large event.
  • Bubble machine adopts a higher power fan, accelerates the spray of the bubble to achieve faster output, and instantly produces a large amount of bubble to form a bubble sea effect.
  • We equip Flexible scroll wheel and handles , user-friendly design, you could move it without any effort.

Important Notice: Production lead time is 25-30 days. Please ensure clear understanding before placing your order.

Technical Parameter

  • Specification:                                              

             Voltage: AC110~220V ,60/50Hz

             Control: DMX512/REMOTE

             DMX channel: 7

             Power: 1000W

             Coverage area: 100 square meters/25S

             Weight:125 kg

             Volume: 141*88*46cm

             Application: home/wedding/birthday party/ktv show etc.

  •  Please Note:

            We have different power supply plugs, UK plug, AU plug, EU plug, US plug, please let us know the power supply you need, or we will choose everything according to your country.

How To Use

  • Machine Start:

            1. Open the packing box, counting the accessories accompanied, read the manual carefully.

            2. Check if the machine is placed on level, step on the brake.

            3.  Please check if all Drain Valves are closed--the handle of Drain Valves are upwards

            4. Pour the bubble fluid into the Flume to line.

            5. Plug into power cord and turn on the switch (The power indicator is on).

            6. Push down power button, and the machine starts to work.

            7. Push down a single roller button, could control each Roller Group start/stop.

  • Machine Stop:

            1. Turn off the power, and power indicator, plug out the power cord.

            2. Move the machine to some drainage area, and open the Drain Valve to drain off fluid.


  • Due to the large weight of the machine, the transportation time is longer than other machines. Please choose the appropriate shipping method.
    Shipping time by air will be 10-20 days
    Shipping time by sea is about 2 months
  • We will choose the most suitable transportation method according to different receiving areas. The freight does not include tariffs, but we will try our best to choose tax-included channels. If there are no tax-included channels in some countries, we will notify you in advance.
  • If you have any questions, please leave a message.


  • Q: Where is this machine bubble oil added, and how much should it be added at a time? 

            A: Pour directly under the bubble wheel. As long as the bubbling oil is over the wheels.


  • Q: How long can you add bubble oil once?

            A: This has not been tested yet, but this depends on the frequency of your use. You can add the corresponding bubble oil according to your use time, and you can also add bubble oil during use.


  • Q: What to do with the remaining bubble oil if not used?

            A: This depends on the use of your bubble oil. If it is not dirty, it can be recycled. It may not be useful if the bubbling oil is dirty, because re-use may affect the machine's work, so we will recommend customers to add the appropriate bubble oil, if not enough, you can also add halfway. 


  • Q: If you don’t need to use multiple layers, can you control the bubble in a single layer?

            A: The other layers can be used without adding bubble oil. 


  • Q: Can you customize two or three layers?

            A: We have four layers, five layers, six layers, and three specifications. Customers can choose to buy according to our existing specifications. 


  • Q: What consumables will this bubble machine use?

            A: The consumables used in bubble machines are bubble oil. Generally, we recommend using the original bubble oil, the effect is guaranteed, and our bubble oil is blended with pure water without impurities, even if the machine fails in the later stage. We are also good at helping you with after-sales.


  • Q: The customer is from abroad. Can your bubble oil be exported and can the customer buy it locally?

            A: Our bubble oil has MSDS certification and can be exported. Generally, we recommend using the original bubble oil with guaranteed results, and our bubble oil is blended with pure water without impurities. Even if the machine fails in the later stage, we are good to help you after-sales. 


  • Q: This bubble machine has several control modes. Can it be controlled remotely?

            A: Our bubble machine has two control modes, one can be controlled remotely, and the other can be controlled by DMX. You can choose a more convenient control mode according to your use scenario. 


  • Q: How high can a bubble blow?

            A: The bubble can blow out about 3-5 meters (general activities are enough, if you think it is not high enough, not far enough, you can use a fan to blow the bubble to the height you want to reach). 


  • Q: How big is the bubble coverage area?

            A: Our bubble machine covers 100 flats in 25 seconds. It is more suitable for large events or weddings, and the results are very good.


  • Q: Can this large item be sent by air?

            A: Yes, but the freight may be more expensive, because the weight and volume of the machine are overweight and long, and there will be additional charges. You have to ask the relevant logistics or freight forwarding.


  • Q: Can this bubble machine emit smoke?

            A: This bubble machine doesn't have this function. If you want a bubble fog effect, I can recommend another bubble machine with a fog effect for you.


  • Q: How does this bubble machine operate?

            A: Pour it into the lowest position over the bubble wheel. Then connect the power cord and turn on the power switch.


  • Q: Why is the bubble machine not blowing bubbles?

            A: Is all bubble ring not working or is one of them not working? (It is best to ask the customer to take a video to confirm that if one of them does not work, it may be a bubble ring problem. If it is not working, the motor is more likely to be damaged. Replace the bubble ring with a bubble ring problem and replace the motor with a motor problem.)


  • Q: Connected to the power supply, but the fan inside does not rotate, what is going on?

            A: Can you describe the specific situation, I can give feedback to our technical department here and to see if I can guide you to solve the problem. If there is no way, you need to return the machine to the factory for maintenance.


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