MOKA SFX MK-C14 LED CO2 DJ Blaster for nightclub

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  • LED CO2枪,RGB混色,可根据不同颜色进行调节。
  • 喷嘴可产生强烈而高的二氧化碳效果,喷射距离可达 20-25 英尺。
  • 有了手持式二氧化碳枪,任何表演都可以变成成熟的作品。
  • 这款 LED CO2 派对枪是最新、最酷且易于携带和操作的。
  • 适合圣诞节、婚礼、酒吧、Dj、各种小、中、大型演出。
  • 包装清单:
           1 件 LED CO2 Dj 枪
           1 件 3 米气管
           1 份手册


    • 特征:

               1. LED co2枪,混合RGB,可根据不同颜色进行调节,易于携带和操作,深受许多不同娱乐艺术家和活动发起人的欢迎和首选。

               2. Co2枪主导不需要像其他co2机器那样的Dmx 512控制器,只需要1个枪软管罐。每支二氧化碳枪需要一个二氧化碳罐。

               3. 喷射器可以产生强烈而响亮的二氧化碳效果,喷射距离可达 20-30 英尺(6 至 10 米)。

               4. 这些便携式二氧化碳枪可根据您的具体需求进行定制,尺寸和款式各异,提供多种选择。使用便携式二氧化碳枪,性能可以转化为成熟的产品!

               5. 这款 LED 二氧化碳派对枪是我们特效产品系列中最新、最酷的。我们的 LED 二氧化碳派对枪有一个变色管,可以从红色、绿色和蓝色变化,同时呈现二氧化碳气体派对的特殊效果。

    • 我们的优势:

               1. 完美的外观和技术设计 大量的二氧化碳气体输出。








    • 规格:








               控制类型: 手控


    • 注意: 由于海关禁止运输锂电池,我们的 LED co2 Dj 枪内没有配备可充电锂电池,买家必须从当地市场购买


    • 安装示意图:

                1. 将 co2 led 枪放入装有电池的连接器内。

                2. 将二氧化碳软管连接到气瓶,将软管连接到 LED 二氧化碳枪。

                3. 打开气瓶阀门。

                4. 扣动扳机。


    • 美国仓库:美国2-5个工作日,其他地区7-12个工作日。
    • 西班牙仓库:西班牙2-4个工作日,欧盟其他地区7-12个工作日。
    • 波兰仓库:波兰2-4个工作日,欧盟其他地区7-12个工作日。
    • 中国仓库:从中国直接发货需要 7-20 个工作日。
    • 运输类型因地区而异,统一显示为国际运输。 
    • 货物将在1-5个工作日内发出。生成物流订单号后,客服会发送电子邮件通知您。请留意发货状态。
    • 如有疑问,请留言。


    • 1、问:这款机器有多少个灯珠?

                    答: 我们的气柱枪正面有四个灯珠。桶内有一条5米长的灯带。


    • 2、问:这款DJ枪可以连接气缸使用吗?

                    A: Yes, there is only one manual control method. Because of the special gun shape of the device, considering the presentation of the effect, only the manual model is made.


    • 3. Q: How is the effect, can you jet against people, will it have any effect?

                    A: There are still many people who get goods with this air column gun, because the effect is not bad, and the price is not expensive. The gas used is medical-grade carbon dioxide, which is harmless to the human body, and it is pure without odor, impurities, and excessive gas impurities may cause the solenoid valve or spool to be blocked.


    • 4. Q: Where to buy CO2 gas?  Whats co2 tank u need ?

                    A: This gas can generally be purchased at your local store.

                       All CO2 Cannon can be used with any Siphon CO2 Tank (Sometime referred to as a Siphon Tube or Dip Tank)


    • 5. Q: How long can an CO2 gun normally spray and can it continue to spray?

                    A: The CO2 jet machine can not continue jetting. If the jetting time is too long and the air pressure is too high, the valve may be damaged. In order to ensure that the machine parts have a normal service life, we recommend that each jet be controlled at about 10 seconds, it takes five seconds in the middle to blow again. This way, you can avoid damage to the accessories due to low temperature.


    • 6. Q: How long is your product warranty? If there are quality problems, who undertakes the shipping fee?

                    A: The co2 jet machine warranty is one year. Two of the accessories have the following conditions. The warranty will be different.

    1. The connector is consumable. If the customer does not know how to use it, forced to connect these two connectors. It is very easy to damage the joint.
    2. The valve because the spool hole in the valve is very small, even if there are very small iron pieces or impurities in the gas, it will cause the plug of the spool. This situation belongs to the gas reason. So if you want to replace the accessories, the cost will have to be paid by the user.  
    • 7. Q: Is there any requirement for the gas used?

                    A: Generally, the 40L gas cylinders used in our factory are about 6.5-7 pressures, and the pressure will rise again under high-temperature conditions. It can fill up to 24KG of gas. Generally, it is 23KG, but not less than 18KG, you can let your supplier refer to these values.


    • 8. Q: Will there be ice residue from this gun?

                    A: It is a common situation, because the gas in the tank is -78.5 ℃, and the temperature of the external space is low, especially in the cold weather in winter. There may be more scum. First of all, keep it in a dry place. Secondly, you should control the interval time for each spray. The time of one spray should not be too long. 


    • 9. 问:CO2 罐有背带吗?

                    答: 是的, 我们有特殊的气瓶带可供选择(大、小带图片)。建议选择大的,比较舒服,而且价格也不贵。如果要随身携带,只能选择5L/8L的瓶子,太大的气瓶很重,不适合携带。


    • 10、问:你们有卖小气瓶吗,一瓶可以喷多久?

                      A: 抱歉,我们不能出口气瓶,您需要在当地购买

                         5L CO2罐可喷射约10秒。


    • 11、问:机器不喷水怎么办?

                      答: 首先,请描述一下机器工作的具体情况,我可以在这里反馈给我们的技术部门,看我如何指导您解决问题。如果需要更换零件,我们将在一年保修期内免费向您发送零件。


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