MOKA SFX MK-S02 1500W Remote Control Snow Mchine

Plug: EU
Warehouse: China Warehouse
Color: Silver
Sale price$369.00



  • Remote control, easy to use.
  • It can be hung, can be used indoors.
  • Large capacity, can hold 5 liters of snow liquid.
  • The snowflakes produced are not harmful to humans.
  • Snow machine snow coverage can cover 50 to 60 square meters.

Technical Parameter

  • Feature:

           1. Robust, high pressure, large output snow machine.

           2. Adjustable output from light snowfall to heavy flurry.

           3. Lightweight, portable machine perfect for all environments.

           4. Produces abundant amounts of snow capable of blowing considerable distances.

           5. Standard on board dmx including remote volume control.

           6. Applying fan with big pressure and small noiss, the machine can spray foam and live snow with escet thrugh wire control effect. 

           7. Little noise and no big snow biocks on snow make it quite suitable for use in filming, tv stations and stage effect.

  • Specification:                                              

           Voltage: AC100-220V, 50Hz/60hz

           Max Power: 1500W

           Snow Output: 50-60m2 / min

           Set-Up: standing 

           Control: remote control

           DMX channel: n/a

           Consumption: snow oil

           N.W.: 7.5KG

           G.W.: 8KG

           Product size: 25x12x22cm

           Packing size (carton): 58x33x35cm

           Component: power cord

           Packing Option: normal carton

  •  Please Note:

            That we have different power supply plug, united kingdom plug, au plug, eu plug, usa plug, please let us know the power supply you need, or we will choose everything according to your country.

How To Use

  • Operation:

            1.Opon receiving the new snow machine, open the package. Check carefully if the machine is damaged or accessories are lost. If there are problems, contact the distributor.

            2. Open the lid of the liquid medicine jar and pour the special snow liquid into the jar.

            3. Use the standard 3-core shielded signal cable to connect the control box. The mainframe and the perframe.

            4. Insert the power supply plug into the power supply socket on the rear panel of the machine. Flip the machine's power supply switch. On/off to turn on and then the red.

            5. Turn the spin button (snow on/off) on the control box to on. The green indicator light on the control box will light up (in use) and there is snow bounce.

            6. Adjust the potentiometer knob (volume output) on the manual control box to control the snow volume.


  • U.S. warehouse: 2-5 working days in the U.S., 7-12 working days in other areas.
  • Spain warehouse: 2-4 working days in Spain, 7-12 working days in other EU regions.
  • Poland warehouse: 2-4 working days in Poland, 7-12 working days in the rest of the EU.
  • China warehouse: 7-20 working days for direct shipment from China.
  • The transportation type depends on the region, and it is uniformly displayed as international shipping. 
  • The goods will be sent out within 1-5 working days.After the logistics order number is generated, the customer service will send an email to notify you. Please pay attention to the delivery status.
  • If you have any questions, please leave a message.


  • Q: What is the control mode?

            A: The control mode of the 1500w snow machine is wireless remote control and wired control.


  • Q: How many channels, and what is the function of each?

            A: There are 2 channels of the 1500w snow machine:

                 1. To control the size of the wind, the greater the wind, the farther it blows, the smaller the snow.

                 2. Controlling the amount of fuel injection.


  • Q: What is the coverage area?

            A: Based on the full liquid at the bucket, the max snow coverage can be up to 50-60㎡.


  • Q: How big is the oil pump?

            A: 5L.

  • Q: How long is the spray tube?

            A: The standard size, but can be customized.


  • Q: How to operate it?

            A: Wireless remote control : when warming up completely, press A button or B button both can spray snow.( press and hold button long time , can spray snow long time till it’s warming up again. When release button , it stops to spray snow ).

                 Wired control : when the heating complete, press the button of wired control , it can spray snow. ( press and hold button long time , can spray snow long time. When release button, it stops working).


  •   Q: Is it noisy when working?

              A: When the machine works, there will be some noise, which is normal.  


  • Q: What is the warranty? 

            A:  1 year.


  • Q: What can we do if the machine can not work?  

            A: The warranty is 1 year. During this time, If the machine doesn't work, please take a video for us to check. After checking there was a problem, we will send the free spare part to you, and attach the install video, but the shipping cost is on yours.


  • Q: Why is the spray of snow choking? 

            A: It is an oil problem. Generally, we recommend customers to use the original bubble oil, the effect is guaranteed, and our bubble oil is blended with pure water, without impurities. If the machine fails in the later stage, we will help you to do after-sales.

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