MOKA SFX 80cm Electric Confetti Cartridge/Electric Cannon Confetti Cannon

Warehouse: USA Warehouse
Quantity: 25 pcs/80cm
Color: Colored
Sale price$480.00



  • The electric confetti cannon can be used in MK-CN03, MK-CN04, MK-CN07, MK-CN11, and MK-CN15 confetti machines.
  • The confetti cannon is not sold retail, sold in boxes, 25 pieces per box, weight 12 kg, size 80*26*27cm
  • Currently, only U.S. warehouses can deliver these goods, and the delivery area is limited to the continental United States.
  • The sprayed confetti is paper colored
  • The confetti cannon length of 80cm/2.62 feet.


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