MOKA SFX MK-C05 Led Confetti Cannon Machine

Warehouse: China Warehouse
Style: gun
Plug: US
Sale price$489.00



  • It is easy to operate, pull the trigger and it will work.
  • Internal led strip,7 colors change automatically.
  • The 4 red LEDs on the tube head can produce various effects.
  • Comfortable handle, perfect appearance, and technical design.
  • The machine can spray colored confetti paper from 6 to 8 meters.

confetti paper

Technical Parameter

  • Our Advantage:

              1. Perfect appearance and technical design of large confetti cannon that can take out confetti with CO2.

              2. A large amount of CO2 gas output, colorful LED CO2 jet cannon, gas jet distance can reach 8 to 10 meters.

              3. Easy to operate, can create a variety of effects, widely used in concerts, stages, clubs, etc.

  • Product Specification:         

             Power supply: ac100v/220v, 50/60hz

             Power: 20w

             Control mode: by manual control

             Shooting distance of co2: 9-10m

             Confetti spray distance: 6-8 meters

             4pcs red color led on the tube head will light up as soon as you move the trigger.

             Confetti tube and tank: internal led strip, 7 colors change automatically

             Battery: 8 pcs aa (not included due to not being sent by express)

             Battery time: 8 hours

             Fuel: co2 gas and confetti in confetti tank

             Confetti tank capacity: 2 ~ 3kg confetti

             Packaging Shape: cardboard box with heavy foam inside

             Packing size: 77*33*43cm

             Net weight: 6kg

             Gross weight: 8.6kg

             Product warranty: 1 year

            Certificate: CE, Rohs, fcc certified

  • Packing List:

            1pcs led co2 dj confetti gun

            1pcs 3 meters gas hose

            1pc Manual book


  • Please Notice: 

             This order does not include the confetti cannon launcher batons, because this product cannot be shipped by an international shipping service. You need to buy this consumable at your local market!

How To Use

  • Install illustration:      

            1. Set the LED CO2 Confetti Gun inside the connector with the battery.

            2. Connect the co2 hose to the gas bottle, connect the hose to LED CO2 Confetti Gun.

           3. Put the confetti paper inside and turn on the valve of the gas bottle.

           4. Handle the trigger.


  • U.S. warehouse: 2-5 working days in the U.S., 7-12 working days in other areas.
  • Spain warehouse: 2-4 working days in Spain, 7-12 working days in other EU regions.
  • Poland warehouse: 2-4 working days in Poland, 7-12 working days in the rest of the EU.
  • China warehouse: 7-20 working days for direct shipment from China.
  • The transportation type depends on the region, and it is uniformly displayed as international shipping. 
  • The goods will be sent out within 1-5 working days.After the logistics order number is generated, the customer service will send an email to notify you. Please pay attention to the delivery status.
  • If you have any questions, please leave a message.


  • Q: How much power is this product?

            A: Our gun does not need to be connected to electricity. It uses three 12V rechargeable lithium batteries, so don't worry about power.


  • Q: Is there only one manual control method?

            A: Yes, because of the special gun shape of the device, considering the presentation of the effect, only the manual model is made. 


  • Q: Is the operation easy?

            A: The operation of this gun is very simple. After receiving the machine, first put our equipped rechargeable lithium battery into the battery box above the gun. If your machine is shipped by air, we will equip you with an ordinary 1.5V battery. Battery box (send a picture of the battery box), you only need to put 8 ordinary 1.5V batteries into the battery box and then put it into the battery box of the machine. Taking out the explosion-proof high-pressure gas pipe, connect the gas cylinder and the machine, and ensure that the joint is fully engaged. You can choose to put about 0.5kg of colored paper scraps. Turn on the light button and turn on the gas cylinder switch. When you need to use it, press the handle switch and the machine will immediately spray colored paper and gas. In order to ensure that the machine accessories can have a normal, It is recommended that the continuous ejection time be controlled at about 10 seconds each time. When you do not need to use the gas pipe, you must turn off the gas cylinder switch at this time, and then vent the remaining gas in the machine. To remove the tube, otherwise, either end of the tube or the cylinder cannot be pulled out.


  • Q: How far can this machine spray?

            A: When the gas pressure is sufficient, the spray distance of the machine is about 6-7 meters, and the spray height of the machine will be affected by the gas pressure.


  • Q: Does this gun have a light?

            A: We have light strips wrapped in the carton of the gun and the nozzle. It will have a colorful effect when it is turned on. It is very beautiful.


  • Q: How many colored papers need to be put in each use?

            A: It is recommended to put small glitter paper of about 0.5 kg each time.


  • Q: Why can I only use this kind of small polygon sequins, and is it flame retardant? Can't it be bigger?

            A: Because the paper outlet of the machine's nozzle is thin, too large paper is easy to block the paper outlet, and the small pieces of paper are lighter, will blow higher, and fall more slowly. Currently, most of the products are non-flame retardants, and the flame retardant will be more expensive than the non-flame retardant. If you need flame retardant, you can tell me the shape and color, I ask the factory stocking period and MOQ.


  • Q: Can I turn off the lamp effect if I don't want it?

            A: Because the machine has only one switch, the light does not have a separate control switch, so it turns on immediately after turning on, and it cannot be turned off alone.


  • Q: Can I just jet without putting colored paper? Is the effect the same as an LED gun (MK-C14) without spraying paper?

           A: Yes, if you don’t spray the paper, just air jet is also possible, the effect is the same as an LED gun, so it is very cost-effective, dual-use.


  • Q: This spray gun looks very big, isn't it heavy?

            A: This gun is really heavy in a gun-type device. And there is a carton box, but it is sure to be hand-held. You don't have to worry about this.


  • Q: How long can the battery last?

            A: The battery time has not been tested during specific use. Under normal discharge, it is about 2 hours. Generally, it will not be turned on for such a long time during normal use. In order to ensure that it does not affect your use, if you found that the lighting effect is not too bright, you can charge the machine at this time.


  • Q: What material is the front nozzle?

            A: The nozzle in front of the machine is made of acrylic material, which is more resistant to low temperature, durable, and beautiful.


  • Q: How many meters can the pipe be equipped with, Can you do it according to the length I need, how long can it be?

            A: A tube of 3 meters will be provided at random. The length can also be customized according to your needs. The longest is generally not recommended to exceed 35 meters, but we also have customers who have made a length of about 50 meters, because the longer the pipe, the use process The gas occupied in the middle tube will be more, which will waste more gas and affect the use effect. How long do you need to make it?


  • Q: Why is the price of the pipe so expensive? Is there any difference?

            A: Our pipe is a special resin explosion-proof high-pressure pipe, a three-layer steel wire mesh structure, with a pressure value of up to 300KG and a low-temperature resistance of -50 degrees. It is a professional explosion-proof high-pressure pipe with a high safety level.


  • Q: Our gun tube is broken now, I want to distribute the tube with you.

            A: Do you know the model of the pipe joint? Can you tell me the model of your pipe joint, we can make the models: LSQ-S1-03SF 3/8, KZE-04 1/2, LSQ-S1-04 1/2, QKD153-03SH + 02 PM. Please tell me in time after you confirm it. I'll confirm whether the connector is in stock as soon as possible, because some connectors are not common and may not be stocked in the factory, or you can replace the connector on your gun with our existing one. You can use it after changing the connector tube.


  • Q: How to change the connector on the gun?

            A: The replacement is very simple. Unscrew the joint directly with a tool, wrap the gun's joint with raw tape, screw the joint again, and then tighten it with the tool. If it doesn’t leak after the pipe is connected to air, it is done.


  • Q: What are your advantages compared to your peers?

            A: I can say that our company's products are of the same price, we are the most cost-effective, and we are the best at the same price. Why do I say this? Because we do foreign trade export ourselves, we have strict control over product quality. Our products will be relatively high-quality regardless of the appearance, materials, and quality of accessories, such as this gun. We all use laser drilling to ensure that the size of each hole is uniform, the cutting edge is smooth and free of burrs, and the light strip is wrapped around the machine. This small gun uses a full 8 meters of the high-brightness light strip, and It's not the kind of poor quality lights on the market that can achieve the effect.


  • Q: The customer is abroad. If I buy this machine, what problems do I need to confirm with the customer?

            A: First of all, you need to confirm the voltage and plug standards of the customer's country. We will help you to match the gas cylinders and pipe joints suitable for the customer's country according to these. Then you need to confirm with your freight forwarder whether you can carry sensitive goods with batteries. If it can’t be, our factory must take out the rechargeable battery when packing and shipping, so as not to detain the goods during customs clearance.


  • Q: What kind of battery do customers need to use for rechargeable lithium batteries if they can’t be shipped by air?

            A: If the machine is shipped by air, we will equip you with a battery box of ordinary 1.5V battery (send a picture of the battery box). After receiving the goods, the customer only needs to buy 8 ordinary 1.5V batteries, put them in the battery box, and connect them. The cable inside the battery box of the machine is enough.


  • Q: How about the after-service for foreign customers?

            A: After the sale of a foreign machine, we generally need the customer to provide the problem video or picture first, and determine the crux of the problem through the video and picture. If it is not a problem with the accessories, we will teach the customer how to repair or make a repair video to the customer. We will provide customers with related accessories and teach them how to replace the accessories. Generally, foreign customers have the strong hands-on ability. (The freight part will not be borne. Whether this should be proposed according to your situation).


  • Q: My client said that there was no switch on the gun before, and the trigger can be opened directly. Is there any old one?

            A: It seems that this customer is your old customer. Yes, we have upgraded the switch of this gun in 2019. The original was a magnet switch. The magnet may be misaligned during the use process. As a result, sometimes the lights of the machine do not turn on. After receiving this feedback from the customer, we changed the magnet switch to the current key switch. It is very convenient and effective to control the work of the light strip and lamp beads with one button. To avoid this situation, I hope you can inform the customer of this situation. If you have any problems in the process of using our products, you can also communicate with us in a timely manner. We will also continue to update and upgrade our products to let customers The experience is better.


  • Q: How long is the machine warranty?

            A: The air column machine warranty is one year. Two of the accessories have the following conditions. The warranty will be different. The first is the connector. The connector is consumable. If the customer does not know how to use it, forced docking is very likely to cause damage to the connector. The second is the valve because the spool hole in the valve is very small, even if there are very small iron pieces or impurities in the gas, the spool will be blocked. This situation is due to gas, so if the warranty needs to be replaced, this cost will be paid by the user. I also hope that you explain the situation during the communication with the customer.


  • Q: Is it troublesome to replace the valve body yourself?

            A: If there is a tool, it is also very simple. You need to disassemble the machine, take out the valve body, take out the valve core with the tool, blow off the impurities in the valve core, then install the new valve core, tighten it, and then take the valve into the machine.


  • Q: Do you need a cylinder for each of your machines? How big is the cylinder?

            A: This depends on the type of machine and the use of your activities. Generally, gun products such as 5L, 8L, and 40L can be equipped. Smaller gas cylinders (5L / 8L) will be more mobile. Move or carry them on the back. It will be more convenient for the body. Large cylinders will take longer to use. If you use them a lot, you don’t need to change the gas frequently. So you need to decide how big you want to use the cylinder. As for how to match gas cylinders, two can be equipped with one, and one can be equipped with one, mainly due to customer needs.


  • Q: How long can 5L, 8L, and 40L cylinders be sprayed?

            A: The spray time of the 5L cylinder is about 10 seconds, the 8L cylinder is about 12-15 seconds, and the 40L cylinder is about 40 seconds (to be confirmed again).


  • Q: How can the cylinder be carried on the body?

             A: We have special gas cylinder straps to choose from (large and small strap pictures). It is recommended to choose a large one. The comfort is better, and the price is not expensive. If you want to carry it on your body, you can only choose 5L / 8L gas bottles, too big gas cylinders are heavy and not suitable for carrying.


  • Q: What kind of gas is in the cylinder, is it safe and harmful to the human body?

            A: The medical grade carbon dioxide is used, which is harmless to the human body, and it is pure and has no odor and impurities. It will not cause the possibility of clogging the solenoid valve or the valve core because of too many gas impurities.


  • Q: 2 guns share a cylinder, what should the pipe do?

            A: The gas pipe of two guns sharing the same cylinder needs to use the tee to achieve one drag and two. You need to tell me the length of the cylinder to the tee, and the length before the tee to the two machines. Just do the length you gave.


  • Q: I am a bar customer. Is this suitable for bars?

            A: Yes, this gun is very suitable for the bar to create the atmosphere, the characteristics of colored paper and gas spraying at the same time, as well as its flexible maneuverability, convenient operation, and cool effect.

  • Q: Why does the sprayed distance not reach the distance of the machine parameters, and the sprayed smoke is not dense?

            A: Is there a siphon in the cylinder? To provide the relative video? According to my regular judgment, it may be that the pressure of the gas is not enough (send gas comparison video).


  • Q: How can the gas meet the standard?

            A: Generally, the 40L gas cylinders used in our factory are about 6.5-7 pressures, and the pressure will rise again under high-temperature conditions. It can fill up to 24KG of gas. Generally, it is 23KG, but not less than 18KG, you can let your supplier refer to these values. (Pearl River Delta customers can recommend the gas supplier to him, let them negotiate the price).


  • Q: Why are there white particles (ice residue) on the guests when sprayed out, how can there be no ice residue?

            A: It is a common situation, because the gas in the tank is -78.5 ℃, and the temperature of the external space is low, especially in the cold weather in winter. There may be more scum. First of all, keep it in a dry place. Secondly, you should control the interval time for each spray. The time of one spray should not be too long. (Besides, we also have a new ice-free slag gas co2 jet machine, you can have a try. You can promote these products to foreign customers, and the domestic market, you can promote it after starting sale this product).


  • Q: The nozzle can sometimes spray and sometimes not spray, and the amount of smoke is very small when it can be sprayed?

            A: Can you provide the relative video?

                 Under normal circumstances: In this case, the valve may be blocked by dirty things. Can you disassemble the machine to see it? If the conditions are not specific, the machine may need to be returned to the factory for repair.

  • Q: The front nozzle is broken. Can it be replaced? Is it troublesome?

            A: It can be changed, as long as the screw at the position of the lamp bead in front of the nozzle is removed, it can be replaced.


  • Q: What should I do if the lamp beads are off?

            A: You can remove the screws next to the lamp beads to see if there is virtual soldering or desoldering on the aluminum substrate. The soldering or desoldering can be re-soldered. If there is no virtual soldering and desoldering, the lamp beads may be burned. You need to replace the lamp beads or the aluminum substrate. If you do not repair it yourself, send the aluminum substrate back to us and we will handle it, and then sending back to you (for domestic customers).


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