MOKA SFX MK-CN08 Dmx/Remote Control Hanging Swirl Confetti Machine

Plug: 220V EU
Warehouse: China Warehouse
Sale price$499.00



  • DMX 512 connector we use is 3 PIN or 5PIN signal plug.
  • Controlled by DMX 512 control and wireless remote control.
  • Confetti machine can conveniently hold up to 0.5kg of colorful papers and streamers.
  • Dmx512 remote controller is 60 square meters.When hanging to 10-meters high, the confetti can cover about 80 square meters.
  • Compact design and Lightweight features without thinking of how much space it might occupy. 

Techincal Parameter

  • Product Specification:

            Voltage: ac220v, 50hz

            Fuse: 10A

            Power: 100W

            Control: remote/dmx512

            DMX Channel: 1

             Capacity: 1kg confetti

             Caverage Output:² 60m

             N.W: 9.55kg

             G.W: 11.9kg

             Product Size: 45*45*46cm

             Packing size: 51*51*44cm

  • Packing list for each unit:

            1pcs confetti machine

            1pcs DMX cable

            1pcs Power Cable

            1pcs Manula Book

            1pcs remote no-battery inside


How To Use

  • Step to use :

            1. Use the light hook to fix the machine and hang it up. The higher the machine is hung, the larger the area covered.

            2. The machine is hung and the safety rope is passed through the lifting ring.

            3. Insert the corresponding power line signal cable, and the line control does not need to connect the signal line.

            4. Open the liquid cover of the machine on the colored paper, turn the fan blade by hand, and transfer the colored paper at the bottom of the fan blade.

            5. Dmx control or remote control will switch the switch to dmx file. dmx control must connect the machine to the console with signal line, and the address code is matched to the console. The remote control does not need to be connected to the signal line, and can be directly controlled by remote control.

            6. The line control will switch the switch to the on file, the power can work.




  • U.S. warehouse: 2-5 working days in the U.S., 7-12 working days in other areas.
  • Spain warehouse: 2-4 working days in Spain, 7-12 working days in other EU regions.
  • Poland warehouse: 2-4 working days in Poland, 7-12 working days in the rest of the EU.
  • China warehouse: 7-20 working days for direct shipment from China.
  • The transportation type depends on the region, and it is uniformly displayed as international shipping. 
  • The goods will be sent out within 1-5 working days.After the logistics order number is generated, the customer service will send an email to notify you. Please pay attention to the delivery status.
  • If you have any questions, please leave a message.


  • Q: What consumables this machine use? How many bag need to been used one time? And what is the coverage area?

            A: This machine need to work with confetti paper. put 1kg confetti paper one time. It covers about 50m2 if hang 10m .the coverage area will be bigger if hang higher.


  • Q: Where should i put the confetti paper in? What confetti paper you recommend?

            A: Open the net cover of the machine and put in confetti paper. Turn the fan leaf by hand and turn the confetti paper under the fan leaf. Better to use confetti paper smaller than 2x5cm.


  • Q: I see there are MOKA logo on machine, can be removed?

            A: Yes, the LOGO can be removed, our standard equipment is with MOKA logo ,pls tell us before shipping if do not need it.


  • Q: How to control this machine?

            A: Can be controlled by remote control,wire control and dmx control.


  • Q: Can be controlled by dmx controller? How many dmx channel?

            A: Yes, it has one dmx channel.


  • Q: What is the remote controller control distance?

            A: The remote controlled can be controlled in about 50 meter.


  • Q: Can be used outdoor?

            A: Also can be used outdoor. But better to cover it with Waterproof cover.


  • Q: What is the different with other supplier?

            A: 1. Other suppliers machine only can has dmx control and wire control, we added the remote control. Spray out when pressed the remote controller and stop when released. Very convenient to operate.

                2.  Exquisite appearance with both 3 pin and 5 pin,not only can connect normal DMX controller, also can connect professional audio equipment, hard to fall off, enhance the signal transmission.


  • Q: Must use Safety rope? Do you equip Safety rope and light clamp?

            A: Yes, must use safety rope when installing. Our standard equipment is not equipped the light clamp and safety rope, but you can buy it from us.


  • Q: What packing way do you have? Can make flight case for me?

            A: This machine is packed with Carton, we also can customize flight case.


  • Q: How long the warranty?How do you deal with the problem?

            A: We have one year warranty. If there are any problems,pls send me a video first, we will check and detailed analysis the problem and give a solution to you. If quality problem, we will send parts to you free of charge.  You do not need to worry about quality problem. Our team will provide you great service.


  • Q: 110v is available?

            A: Now only 220v is in available.


  • Q: Only a fan inside the machine?

            A: In addition to the fan, there is a shaded pole motor inside the machine. Produce strong wind, blowing confetti paper into the air quickly.


  • Q: The speed can be adjustable?

            A: The speed can not be adjusted . Confetti paper Spray out when pressed the remote controller and stop when released.


  • Q: Will the confetti paper block the machine?

            A: The machine may be blocked if the confetti paper is too big, better to use smaller than 2x5cm confetti paper.

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