What is the difference between each type of MOKA SFX cold spark machine?
MOKA SFX currently has 6 models of cold spark machines, and the spraying angle of each style is different.

For example, MK-E11 and MK-E15 are both upward spraying, and the appearance is basically the same, but MK-E15 is smaller and lighter. , the ejected sparks are a little smaller than the MK-E11’s spark bundle, but the height is basically the same. Therefore, MK-E15 is more suitable for small events that often need to remove the devices. MK-E11 is a classic style with more stable performance and full bouquets, suitable for larger events.

The fountain of the MK-E12 cold spark machine is sprayed from top to bottom. It is suitable for multiple machines to be arranged above the stage together, presenting the effect of spark waterfalls, which is very exciting.

MK-E16 Moving head cold spark machine can be adjusted 540 degrees on the X axis and 120 degrees on the Y axis. This is the only cold spark machine that can adjust the spray angle,suitable for scenes with special requirements for angles.

MK-E17 horizontal spray cold spark machine, as the name suggests, can spray sparks in the horizontal direction, the angle can be adjusted in a small range by the bracket to about 45 degrees obliquely above. some customers may ask, can I use MK-E11 vertical spray cold spark machine or MK-E12 cold spark fountain instead of horizontal spray Machine ? the answer is no, because each cold spark machine needs to be placed at a specified angle, otherwise the anti-dumping device will be triggered and the machine will be stopped if the angle is wrong, or the machine will be damaged due to powder backflow and material jam.

MK-E18 spin double spray cold spark machine is the most high-end model. It has two spray ports and the body can be rotated. The sprayed sparks show a spiral effect, and the effect is very amazing. Of course, because this machine has two injection ports, it needs more powder and the price is higher, but the effect is exciting and very suitable for high-end event sites.

In addition, it is inconvenient for some customers to connect to the power supply at the event site and need a mobile power supply. Then we have the MK-E19 movable power supply base. The maximum output power of this charger base is 900W, so it is only suitable for MK-E11 750W and MK-E15 650W. It is worth noting that the MK-E18 with a power of 1300W cannot use this mobile power supply. 

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